Here is the image from yesterday. For me Seceda was one of the highlights in the Dolomites, and it was also a great source of frustration until I got this one photograph. The cable car from Ortisei takes you to the top, and you only have to walk a few minutes to get this incredible view of the peaks. Now if you want to be there at sunset or sunrise you need to camp, or it’s a very long walk from the nearby town in the valley (7-8 hours one way). We chose to stay in a hut 2 hours from the top. So we took the cable car in the afternoon, walked down to the hut and dropped our bags. I then walked up the valley for sunset but there was unfortunately nothing to see. I staid at 3,000m until 11pm to get some star trails. The sky cleared half an hour after sunset but I was only able to get one or two 15 minutes exposures before the clouds came back. I walked down the valley again, ate and slept a few hours in the warmth (it was sub-zero at 3k). At 4am I walked back up with the equipment and set for sunrise, and got nothing again. The fog would be constantly rolling in and I was trying to contain myself, not thinking about how far away I live, how I wouldn't be able to come back any time soon, etc. This is the problem with locations you really want to photograph, you build expectations. By 8am I had given up and started walking down again to get breakfast at the hut with my Pam. We then went back up one more time and the fog started to clear, this is the photo you have here. I got a few frames before we decided to go back to town via the cable car. I was a bit bitter, yet somehow lucky, I could also have had a perfectly blue sky for two days, or pouring rain. And I have the single and short star trails shot (identical composition), so I will probably try to post it also.

Landscape photography, you have to be committed… and fit.

Feel free to share.

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