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The Copywriting Apprentice distance learning copywriting course
The Copywriting Apprentice distance learning copywriting course

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Black Hat SEO  Do you know what's hidden in your website?

We've uncovered some dodgy dealings by unethical website developers in the past.  This week we've come across another website that has hidden links to some very dodgy sites ...

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I'm with you on that. I'd love to be able to draw. Really frustrating as I come from a very artistic family, but that skill passed me by.  I keep telling myself my creativity comes out in my writing - Fab illustration, by the way!
If there is one thing I really wish I could do it is to be able to draw! My fab illustrator sent me this for my new DIY Halloween Party and it just made me wish wish wish I was as talented! What is the one thing you wish you could do - either business or personal?

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* Coloured bell tents? Whatever next?*

Rather like the idea of this - what fun!  I think it would be a toss up between hiring the blue bell tent or the lilac, for me anyway.  Be great on a big campsite - easy to find your way back to!  Which colour would you choose?

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Email Scam Warning  Panto tickets from BH LIve

I've just received a very convincing email, ostensibly from BH Live about pantomime tickets to see Peter Pan at the Bournemouth Pavilion - tickets I didn't order, of course.  But it looked so convincing, I went online to check it out in case it had been sent by mistake and it was genuine. 

Apparently thousands of these emails have been sent out and they contain a malware virus - so DO NOT open the attachment.  Thanks to Bournemouth Echo for their online article about it.

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Fancy winning this fantastic book? It's a signed copy too!

How to Make Money Working at Home – and Get the Most Out of Life by +Judy Heminsley

It's super easy to enter.


#Win     #Competition   #KYBS  

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Always surprised that so many people fail to recognise the importance of the +Debbie Thomas - thanks for the mention.

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Great post Sally!
Here are some of my pet hates when it comes to marketing. Got any to add?

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I've seen some of these elsewhere, but not all.  LOVE the washing machine drum fire pit. Clever!
Which is your favourite and have you any repurposed/recycled/upcycled images of things to share?

I have to say thanks to +damien lane for originally sharing this somewhere else.

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All the more remarkable when you hear about Stuart's apprentice who works on the project - what an amazing work experience that is!
Stuart Allen explains the Twitter sensation #WorcestershireHour

In this radio interview Stuart Allen the self confessed Twitter for business addict explains how the Twitter hour he created became a business.

A remarkable story.

Asking the all important questions is +Joy McCarthy AKA +The Copywriting Apprentice

It's now available on podcast here

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