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Ghost encounter freaks out family on the USS Lexington (video)
Over the years, there have been lots of reported strange encounters
aboard the USS Lexington Museum. Some people believe the aircraft
carrier, that served during World War 2, is haunted.    Over the weekend, a family visitin...

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Creepy footage shows doors banging in Haunted Morgue in Brazil (video)
This video apparently shows a poltergeist at work – and is quite possibly the most spine chilling video you’ve watched in ages.  The footage, which has been terrifying the Internet witless, was said to have been been shot in former morgue in Brazil. The men...

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"Ghost Man" photobombs a girls selfie in Georgia (video)
A recent birthday fishing trip yielded more than a record-breaking
catch for the birthday boy, after what some are calling a “ghost man”
turned up in a selfie. Georgia mother Jessica Ogletree took to Facebook to
tell the story. Ogletree wrote that her 13...

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Gamer Live Streams some freaky Paranormal Activity experience (video)
seemed normal for a YouTuber known as "Rubzy" one night last November.

However, things would get very strange very quickly for the young gamer.
While pet sitting at a friend's apartment Rubzy started a very regular
online stream in which he w...

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Investigators claim to have photographed a Lengendary Ghost in Maine (video)
A team of paranormal investigators believes it has captured a photo
of the ghost of Eva Gray climbing the back stairs of Biddeford City
Theater, where she’s said to have collapsed at the end of a performance
and died backstage more than 100 years ago. EV...

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Dad catches something chilling on home security camera (video)
A Father
discovered something terrifying after setting up cameras in his home for
his daughter who complained of something bothering her. The clip begins with the youngster – who looks around six or seven – playing with her doll. Another of the dolls sits...

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Man claims he filmed a ghost fleeing a gangfight (video)
Real-life ghostbuster Muhammad Adiant was stunned when he noticed the
apparition while he recorded a group of men fighting in Indonesia. Filmed on January 5, the disturbing video shows a white ghostly
figure floating away from the raucous below – passing ...

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Was the ghost of a murdered Prince photographed at the Tower of London (video)
A mother has claimed she has been photobombed by the ghost of 12-year-old Edward V Mary
Ryan, 40, was taking snaps of weapons on display at the historic
attraction while on a day trip but failed to notice the face that
appeared in the reflection until sh...

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How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse ??
Even Rick Grimes and his crew wouldn’t be able to save humanity in the zombie apocalypse, at least according to a new study from the University of Leicester . Even Rick Grimes and his crew wouldn’t be able to save humanity in the zombie apocalypse, at least...

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Creepy face of a ghost appears on film in a Haunted tunnel (video)
paranormal investigator got the shock of his life when he was faced with
a 'ghost' after venturing alone into underground tunnels. Anthony
Mark, 30, was visiting the haunted Drakelow Tunnels near Kidderminster,
Worcestershire, to explore the undergrou...
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