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Kroger Co.

Looking for the ultimate mobile/tablet shopping experience? Save time and money with the Kroger Co. App! The Kroger Co. App puts convenience

Ashley Judd Writes a Kickass Feminist Essay About Her Puffy Face

I've never thought much about Ashley Judd beyond the blandest adjectives—she's pretty, she seems nice, her pores look really small—but it tu

Comfort in Cookies «

sweet inspiration & fun baking ideas. Bakerella. Sweet Stuff. Breakfast; Brownies; Cakes; Cheesecake; Cookies; Cupcakes; Desserts; Pie.


Mahjong for AndroidMahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a set of Mahjong tiles. The goal of this pyramid game is to match op

Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker"

Random Comic. Older Comics. January 2012 December 2011 November 2011. Search ND: Text. Titles. Share this comic: (Direct link) talk about th

YouTube - Slave Leia PSA starring Kaley Cuoco

Create AccountSign In. Home. BrowseMoviesUpload. Hey there, this is not a commercial interruption. You're using an outdated browser, whi

Knit a Uterus to Donate to a Congressman in Need

Remember when we decided that Rick Santorum needed a uterus of his very own so he'd leave ours alone? Well, now there's a similar idea being

Republican Politician Offers a Heartwarming Defense of Gay Marriage

These days it feels like a miracle when you find a sane-sounding Republican willing to go against the party line, which is why this speech b

All-Woman Panel Has Some Great Ideas About Men's Sexual Health

Last week, Congressional Republicans assembled an all-male panel of experts to testify about why women's employers should be able to determi

Ray Bradbury

IT WAS a dry, cold evening in November when the old man turned up at the television studio.

The World's First 100% Foolproof Guide to Losing Weight and Keeping It Off

A lot of people complain that losing weight and getting in shape is "difficult" and "complicated," and to those people I say, "Shut up, fat-

Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker"

(Direct link) · talk about this on twitter! share this on facebook! share this on stumble upon! @nataliedee. is made by. Nata

Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker"

(Direct link) · talk about this on twitter! share this on facebook! share this on stumble upon! @nataliedee. is made by. Nata

Natalie Dee: "America's Favorite Cracker"

(Direct link) · talk about this on twitter! share this on facebook! share this on stumble upon! @nataliedee. is made by. Nata

'When I Was Growing Up, Girls Just Didn't Run in Public'

Nike is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX with an ad called "Voices." Using the hashtag #maketherules, female athletes — Olympic

Puppy Will Explode Your Heart With Her Adorable Sleeping Sounds

The only thing cuter than a puppy talking in its sleep is a puppy who gets super embarrassed when she discovers that her humans have been wa

Doting Father Discovers Daughter's Facebook Rant, Pumps Her Laptop Full ...

When this father discovered his daughter's bratty rant about him on Facebook, he decided to make a rant of his own. The only difference is h


Fantastic Wedding Surprise

The Partisans - ZOMBIE AYN RAND

From the Paul Ryan Institute of Political Science--they've created a MONSTER! ...Which could make the GOP convention an exciting place this

I've heard lots of people say that it's hard to find an honest mechanic. Well I was lucky enough to come across Wood Auto Repair over a decade ago, and they have been my trusted mechanic ever since. I've had many bad experiences with mechanics. They didn't explain what was wrong, just told me what needed to be fixed. Or worse, they spoke to my husband and completely left me out of the conversation. Hey buck-o, I'm the one paying for the repair, and I'm the one driving the car. Talk to me about what the problem is. I've learned a lot about how cars work by being a customer at Wood. Not only do their mechanics make a point to talk to ME about my car, they actually explain what's broken and what it does. It's not just "Oh, you need to fix this." It's, "This part is broken, and this is how it's effecting your car. And if you don't fix it now, this is how things will get worse." Or, when I'm lucky "Well, this is broken, but it's not urgent. Just fix it next time." My 2000 Impala has over 250k miles on it. And it still runs like a champ. And I am absolutely certain it's because I've been taking it to Wood for regular maintenance since it had 65k miles on it. And I recently bought a new Honda and I wouldn't trust anyone but Wood to work on it.
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Dr. Fisher has been my dentist for over a decade now. He and his staff are fantastic. They are incredibly friendly and professional. Now my daughter is also his patient and I love that she has no fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. When I have needed referrals for oral surgery and orthodontics Dr. Fisher made great recommendations.
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