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Social media is the endless audition.
Social media is the endless audition.

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Social media can fool you unless you stick to basics. Being human has not changed. How we can express ourselves has evolved. And our information distribution capability has grown to something no humans ever had before. You can reach a planet.

You can communicate with a globe.

However, attention is a thing. And getting attention from your fellow humans will never be about a formula, or a perfect or even usually working technique. Your fellow humans will never give that away easily which they, and you am sure, cherish so much.

Your time and attention should matter.

To the extent you respect, you will be able to understand. When you do not, you will be puzzled by social media which defies your expectations, rarely makes sense when you thought you had it figured out, and endlessly escapes you.

As meta as we are as a species, maybe if feel lost if you look at yourself then, if can honestly, ask yourself: what gets my attention?

If honest, you will find your way, with the basics.

Starting always with human, first.

When you can consistently and with grace, give to others, what you wish to receive, then maybe you can help the world, my friend.

And I will cheer you, along with so many others, am sure.

Does not surprise me that science and politics get mixed up together as science has such power in modern human life, but also I know more about how scientists can screw around with knowledge.

Like was taught when was getting my physics degree that quantum mechanics does not allow black holes, but was also taught that general relativity does, and was seen as a great contradiction between two powerful, important and of course VERY successful theories.

Um, but quantum mechanics does not allow black holes. Why should it matter if general relativity does? General relativity is JUST FINE without them.

And in quests for truth of the rules of our reality one would suppose that scientists would just work it out, and settle things, except black hole research is very valuable--for funding.

Where for others, as give myself leeway where muse about science, how would you resolve such a thing? If you are surprised that quantum mechanics does not allow black holes when hear about them so much, how can you check me? Web search thankfully. In the past would talk it more.

Allegedly one of the most famous physicists of our times has maybe kind of sorta resolved the problem. My suggestion? Just understand that there has been KNOWN such a problem since, well since quantum mechanics arrived. So yeah, Albert Einstein knew of it.

One of the funnier things to me was finding out that Albert Einstein had his one crackpot moment when newspapers around the world touted his claims of having found a great theory of everything. Yet also I wonder, why he even bothered trying.

Arguably our greatest physicist so far, where I'd just as soon agree he was. Why didn't he just relish the glow? Instead he kept at it. Endlessly working unsuccessfully at figuring out more rules of our reality in that area, until he died.

Guess that was just part of his greatness then could say.

He really wanted to know.

Musing about science for me is relaxing. Point of this Collection is freedom to kind of just let thoughts fly.

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Will admit have been surprised by how many arenas in the American entertainment industry were shut to women. Is SO weird. And still am. One wonders how it happened that way. And congrats to Kristen Bell, so proud of her. So glad equality rules are arriving.

Lede: LOS ANGELES (AP)The Screen Actors Guild Awards’ tendency to predict eventual Oscar winners won’t be the only thing commanding attention when the 24th annual ceremony airs Sunday. The show is also focusing its spotlight on women, with nearly all female presenters, all women opening the show and a first-ever host in actress Kristen Bell.

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Making an effort to keep up with trends for Java. Am on hold with development for Class Viewer for many reasons. But for users, yup, further development is still planned, down the line.

Politics requires building consensus. Those people? Who you need? Like in the US Congress? Need to agree enough to vote on things for them to be accepted.

But in our American electorate you have people who believe they are relentlessly bullied and also believe that having the bigger bully you should win, and they elected Donald Trump. And he bullied himself into a US Government shutdown.

These things are not complicated. You cannot just badger the US Congress into doing what you want.

Even in American politics, you have to get enough people to vote for things to have them happen in the US Congress. Someone should have explained that clearly to President Donald Trump. Oh, they probably did. I'd think, right?

Building consensus makes politics hard because you MUST listen to others, and as you listen and communicate your own concerns, find common ground.

Many may try. Few can accomplish. Politics remains a proving ground.

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Making an effort to focus on the full picture with social media. And thankfully there are government web pages that discuss some of the more troubling concerns better than I could, and represent certified authority on the subject. CDC tweeted this link:

Maybe it might help to give some OPINIONS which explain some things, though what follows is speculation. For me is just an exercise. Used to email such things like these speculations to TIME magazine lots. All relates to national security matters of the United States. If you are wary of even speculation in such areas, do not read further.

There has been lots of activity around the question of attempted interference by Russia in the recent US election. Since intelligence agencies do such things all the time, I presume, it is worth wondering why anyone actually cares now.

My speculation is relates to the so-called Arab Spring. Russian president Vladimir Putin have read speculation, believed US intelligence had figured out how to weaponize social media. And was very worried that now the White House could finally topple countries with an efficiency the CIA never had before. He apparently dedicated his country also to learning this ability.

Have speculations that the White House became aware that someone had her own clandestine service operating along the lines that Vice President Cheney had, which was tasked with toppling Syria. Speculations are that someone decided to destroy her base of operations in Libya.

The scheme to topple the Syrian government was to give her a head on a platter for a presidential run, which failed. Planted agents simply incited violence which lead to a bloody civil war.

Certain other agencies engaged in a variety of activities designed to maintain instability in the Middle East to punish the idea of rebellion, and especially worked hard to make sure Libya was an embarrassing failure.

Putin did have certain activities directed at the US election, which had nominal if any impact. It is probable he has become aware of this by now.

The appeal of social media as a political weapon is great, but to date no nation has demonstrated a directed capability. There was a recent attempt though to try yet again with same approach used in Syria, in Iran. It failed. It is likely to have originated in the Trump White House.

These are all speculations based on published news reports.

Importance of the predictive power of science can be seen with us learning much about weather which could very well be climate change, from watching what has happened recently. Climate science can better tell us what will happen which is important to prepare.

And it is sad, like with homes deluged by a river of mud in California or now people blown off their feet in Europe, what weather can do--all of a sudden.

Imagine we're looking at hints now. And consider with a species with the potential to do better, we have waited this long to really get serious and some can argue, still are not.

Yet the weather will not care. And climate change can simply end life as we know it, even if humanity will survive as am sure we will. Those humans who survive will am sure have perspective we may gain, as most of us should, survive at least for a bit.

But for those who thought science was politics? You weren't thinking.

Rules of our reality are not a political problem to be resolved with an opinion poll, but are best discovered. Then whether you believe or not? Is irrelevant except to what you do, to have some measure of control over what happens to you and others.

Science is our best way to get a handle on what may come, before it does.

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Lede: THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP)A powerful storm pummeled Europe with high winds and snow Thursday, killing at least seven people in three countries, grounding flights, halting trains, ripping roofs off buildings and flipping over trucks.

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Very important story and is important that Dylan Farrow tells plainly what happened. And was myself abused at 5 years old by teenage babysitters and is ludicrous you can simply challenge the memory of a child. Ruthless to do it though. So utterly ruthless. Believe me, believe her. Watch and listen as she simply tells what happened. CBS News story has video, thankfully. And they even explain why she wanted.

For those who want more, a secondary source:
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