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Master Ricardo
Nothing is so difficult as to be not tried.
Nothing is so difficult as to be not tried.


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We love to play kahoot!

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Good bye, teacher.
This week, our teacher Juan Saez was retiring and all the school gave him a tribute. Thanks a lot, teacher!!!!

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With music to elsewhere
Three awesome artists visited us yesterday. They performed many songs with their instruments and we also danced a vals with their rhythm. The "Master" recorded many incredible moments of the performance and created a video: And we were begging for listening...

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School trip and connivance in Regional Park Calblanque
Today, we visited the Regional Park Calblanque just near El Algar, an incredible place full of natural species, special ways through the mounts and with extremely awesome beaches. We enjoyed a walking through the  park, many physical games with the teachers...

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Visiting museums in Cartagena
There will be many special events and activities organised in museums around the world and also in Cartagena, so why not take this opportunity to visit the ARQUA to you? Here is some key vocabulary to help you out: a curator  – a person who oversees and man...

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Describing someone
To describe someone, we have to pay attention to his-her physical features. Height: Someone can be tall, short or medium height. Body build: Someone can be slim, thin, plump, fat, skinny, wel-built, etc. Age: Someone can be young, old, elderly, middle-aged,...

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Watching live sport, Volleyball in El Algar..
The teachers gave us a surprise last Friday. Just in our sport pavilion, we watched a Volleyball match in which A.D. Algar Surmenor played an exciting game. We enjoyed a lot, performing with a "big drum", supporting the team, clapping a lot and finally, cel...

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Painting the walls, coloring our school, drawing th future...
Such an interesting days!!! We painted some walls in our school, and there were artists drawing amazing shapes and pictures for us. Teachers encouraged us to be creative and use different colors in order to leave our "sign". Click  Here  to visit the album ...

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Documentos para el tercer trimestre
Matemáticas   Lengua castellana y literatura Ciencias Sociales Valores sociales y cívicos Educación Física Educación artística: Música Profundización en Lengua inglesa Primera lengua extranjera: Inglés Natural Sciences

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Don't be foolish..... Prank a fool!!!
As we have seen at the class, today is April Fools' day , a special day  elebrated every year on 1 April by playing  practical jokes  and spreading  hoaxes . The jokes and their victims are called  April fools . People playing April Fool jokes expose their ...
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