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AikSphere’s E-logbook is the best way to do your logs and avoid violations of the FMCSA hours-of-service regulations. Driver’s logs have been made easy through our software. Truckers can track, plan and submit logs using a laptop or mobile device. This the fastest, easiest way to do logs.

Our E-logs are available on your smart devices or the AikSphere Compliance Tablet.

AikSphere’s E-logs are
- integrated with automated IFTA & location tracking
- easy to install and compatible with any vehicle class
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No matter the size of your company, AikSphere can ensure that you can maximize efficiency in the simplest way possible.

>> One Screen Access <<
Conveniently access multiple programs such as, Trip and Order Management, Safety and Compliance, Fleet Management, and Driver/Carrier Settlements, through one easy to access screen.

>> Split Your Loads <<
Have the ability to split your loads at your discretion in order to efficiently plan your trips and broker out your loads.

>> Dual-Currency <<
Easily conduct business in both $CAD and $USD, ensuring that you never find yourself in a difficult spot with any customer.

>> Integration with PC Miler & Google Maps <<
Calculate driver trip miles, IFTA miles and load miles quickly and without hassle.

>> Integration with ACE / ACI Software <<
Transferring information can be tricky, reduce time and error by eliminating double entry tasks with ACE/ACI software.

>> Invoicing <<
Easily create PDF invoices, pay bills, view and create your purchase orders and more, all at the touch of a button.

>> Profit and Loss by Truck <<
View profit and loss statements by truck on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis so you have access to all the information you need exactly when you need it.

>> Communication <<
AikSphere Exceeders SMS and E-mail allows you to communicate with drivers, vendors, and customers at the touch of a button.

>> LTL / FTL Loads <<
Have the ability to charge LTL by either zones or quantity. You can then consolidate your shipments to reduce the number of trips required, increasing your efficiency and reducing waste and time.

>> Integration <<
Trying to navigate through numerous programs can be challenging and this can greatly hinder your productivity.

>> ROI (Return On Investment) <<
Receive and enter cost and revenue updates through the Dispatcher program in real time.

>> Document Management <<
Have all the information you need at your fingertips by having the ability to digitally attach all necessary documentation to your loads, reducing the need for paper waste.

>> IFTA <<
IFTA is conveniently calculated for you while you perform your daily tasks.

>> Driver & Owner Operator Settlement <<
Receive Driver and Owner operators based on miles, hours and percentages.

>> Driver & Owner Operator Settlement <<
Receive Driver and Owner operators based on miles, hours and percentages.

>> Reports <<
Make informed informed business decisions by using the powerful reports generated by AikSphere Exceeders.
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