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Potty Training
I honestly had no intentions of sharing all this because 1. I'm no pro and 2. ewww.  However, I had so many questions DM'ed to me on Instagram after posting that our girl was, for the most part, potty trained in basically 3-4 days, I thought I would do a po...

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2 years + 6 months
I don't know what is more shocking, that I'm about to celebrate my third Mother's Day or that my little girl is almost three!  In the meantime, the terrible twos have definitely showed up to the party.  She can go from having a hissy fit in the aisle at Tar...

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Staging the House with Pantone
Once our decision was made to move to Wilmington, the next step was to get things ready for our current house to go on the market.  I'm in the process of staging each room for pictures next week and  I'm starting to pack a little in the process.  Two things...

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Easter Weekend
Juliet's interest in Easter is still mostly because of the Easter bunny and all the eggs but the love is definitely there.  We woke up and ate a quick breakfast before getting ready for church and diving into easter baskets.  Juliet got a new lovie, (since ...

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For the Easter Basket
I know it's officially Spring, but now I can honestly say that we are getting Spring weather and it's so refreshing.  I always love playing the Easter Bunny this time of year, especially with Jules getting older!   It's also nice to focus on something other...

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2 years + 3 months
So I use to do an update every month when Jules was hitting milestone after milestone, day after day but things have slowed down now so I'm going to try and do one every three months.  We have something to celebrate each month from October all the way to Ju...

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Play Kitchen
I've had so many questions about how I revamped Juliet's play kitchen so I thought I'd do a quick post with a few pictures and sources.  It had belonged to our nephews and Joey's sister so kindly let us have it since Jules didn't have a play kitchen yet.  I...

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Snow Day
We weren't expecting so soon in the year.  We usually get one, maybe two snows a year between January and March, and this year it came early!  Friday night when we went to bed, it was just sleeting and we were starting to doubt the forecast of 4-8 inches by...

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Christmas 2016
We started our trip to Mississippi for Christmas at 2:30 in the morning on Christmas Eve.  One thing I've always loved about my hubs is that he is totally up for spontaneity.  We went out for dinner that night and when we got back home he suggested that he ...

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Christmas in Juliet's Room- Progress & Plans
We've been SO busy lately, I feel like this Holiday season has been the craziest we've ever had!  I'm hoping things calm down a bit now that, (as of today), Joey's done with school for this semester and all our Christmas shopping is finished!  It's time to ...
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