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Danny N. Winfield Jr.
Starting....... "Again"
Starting....... "Again"

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Great Art....
been talking to J about getting me some oil paints and canvas so I can try doing something like that from our mountains here in El Paso in oils....
Yours is just Fantastic!!!
Now I will tell you why I disappeared again for a little bit....
as you will recall from my first blog I have Emphysema... well, starting back in July last year my shoulder was hurting and hurting bad.... and come end of August I couldn't do much, hardly anything at all....
After several visits to Drs., FINALLY in early October one Dr (from the VA no less) saw a shadow on an x-ray and had it biopsied.....
I really thought my family was done with this kind of crap.... but.... it came back positive for Lung Cancer....
Stage IIIA Adenocarcinoma
So with all the testing and meds, followed by radiation and chemo, I have been pretty much wiped out -- had my final chemo today.... wait a couple of months then more testing to see where we are and what will follow with more radiation and chemo if they are needed....
I am currently working on something to post on the New blog if you want to read more about it.
Love Your Art
and hope to see and hear from you
Danny N. Winfield Jr.

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For Teachers
To Remember Teachers.
take a read and see what you think?


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A Well Deserved THANK YOU!!!
Jackie starts back at school tomorrow :(  without kids but still.... Summer is Over... Kids all go back in next week.... I will do this a lot -- Until all of the Good Things I Wrote on Anything at Anytime are here. They are What I have written and I want th...

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An Update on Thomas' Quest
The 3rd Letter The 2nd Letter (if you haven't read) The 1st Letter    (The beginning of this ?????) So enjoy the ongoing whatever it is?   Writ by me today   Written on Old Site Nov. 9th 2010       Anything at Anytime (Me, Myself, I, We, we) is going to con...

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What do all of you think?

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Hello All,
I am new to this Communit and wanted to introduce myself.
So Here I am....
Ok, enough about me....

No, not really.
A Few years back I started a blog and did ok with it... put some good stuff (at least in my opinion) on it... Well, I got out of it and forgot all the passwords and codes I needed to get back into it...
Eventually I decided to start a New Blog that "Mirrored" to a degree the old site with some "Refinements" .... #1 I don't have ANY Ads on the site at this time and currently have No intentions of doing so in the near Future.
I write a Little bit of Everything... Whatever Comes to mind
Would Love to have you all Stop in - take a look around and see what you think?  Comments, suggestions, and ideas based upon what you see and have read are all Welcome.

And Seeing as this Community's  Name is Poetry and Writings... Well, I figure that my first introduction to you all should be a Poem:

The Cluttered Desk, What to Do!?!?

So if you would, Drop in have a seat and a Read.
If you like there is a Follow up to that called "Why did I do it?"

Thanks for your Time

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Hello Everyone,
Don't know if I would truly classify myself as an Author.... but I do write a bit... little of this, little of that...
I write about Anything that comes to my mind at Anytime, which lead to my first blog "Anything at Anytime" (but lost all the info to get into that blog), and I started a New blog... and you guessed it "Anything at Anytime.... Again"
I have Poetry, Shorts and "Letters", a Detective, Dragon talk, Stories about actual events that happened to me and the list goes on and will continue to grow. 

Would Love to have some of you stop in and see what you think, comments, suggestions, ideas -- all are Welcome

Hope to see you - there or here
Thanks for taking the time to read

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A small piece of #Poetry I wrote for my Wife a little over 5 years ago...
Hope you all Like
I #write a wide variety but once in awhile I get a good piece out for my Wife
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