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LARP rules in the wild!

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It's been almost a month since I released Cards on the Table, a play aid for 7th Sea GMs. To everyone who has purchased a copy, thank you! How are they working out for you. How are you using them in play? Have you and your group come up with any cool new card tricks? Have you made use of the blank templates to create your own cards? Is there anything that would make this tool better for you and your group? And finally, would you be interested in expansions to the deck?

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Looks like the LARP rules will be at GenCon! Someone please confirm and review.

Helping my wife reshelf the library today. Naturally she sticks me in the history section. Expect some historical reference and atlas recommendations tonight.

Caught a couple of eps of Netflix' Castlevania series today. Never really kept up with the video games so I came in completely green. Not bad. Definitely offers a different perspective on how to run the Witch Hunter world. U

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This offers some cool scenarios that could easily eat up an evening of play. Enjoy!

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While we are waiting for new Witch Hunter material, this might also be a shot in the arm for your game! Check it out.
Latest from Triple Ace Games:


France is not the only country beset by demons. For 20 years, the Holy Roman Empire has been torn asunder by religious war stirred up by the forces of Hell and the greed of man. All for One: Satan's Playground takes characters into a land ravaged by strife, famine, disease, and witchcraft - a land where honor means nothing and survival means everything.

Coming to Kickstarter in late August!

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What started out as a lark on another group is now fully realized and available on the Explorer's Society. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Cards on the Table: a collection of cards for Consequences and Opportunities to take your game up a notch! There are dozens of ways to use them (I've only suggested a few). So if you've been struggling with coming up with interesting twists for your Risks, Action or Dramatic Sequences, or coming up with Opportunities for your scenes, these may be of interest to you.

Alright! Origins attendees. Report! :D

So who is going to Origins? We need someone to report back on WH developments. LARP, tabletop, and Revelations activity. It's an easy job, but the pay stinks.
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