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स्वतंत्रता और परिवार के प्यार के लिए
स्वतंत्रता और परिवार के प्यार के लिए

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Responding to the inter-modal delays at India’s premier container gateways, Emirates Shipping Lines is following the example led by many of its competitors, and levying additional fees on India-bound cargo shipments. #india   #shippingrates

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सोने में निवेश का समय सावधानी बरतें.
No Chance Gold Values Will Recapture Their Peak Anytime Soon
The question on the mind of many analysts is whether or not gold is the kind of non-correlated, alternative asset that investors should be holding now. Especially when they stop to consider gold's roller coaster track record that includes soaring prices ...

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In India there has been a significant delay in beginning projects that are needed to improve shipping ports and support the prospering domestic economy.
Infrastructure Investing Results in Economic Reward
Regions that fail to recognize and invest in the changing needs of the container shipping industry, are very likely to find themselves in a weak competitive position, especially when compared to prospering regions that have already made the necessary shipping port and infrastructure investments.


#infrastructuredevelopment   #shippinginvesting   #shippingindustry

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बहुत ही रोमांचक खबर.
Day 3 of Team #Modi: Which Problems Do You Think Our Ministers Should Tackle First? 

Complete List of Narendra Modi's Council of Ministers:

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Ship owners, container owners and everyone in-between must learn to do their parts to help defend against fraud and theft in the container shipping industry. #shippingindustry   #pirates

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Chabahar port is the most cost-effective route for New Delhi to reach the Central Asian markets.

#india   #iran
In an effort to lead the way for Afghanistan to connect with India through the Chabahar port, Iran, India and Afghanistan intend to sign a trilateral agreement that will lower freight prices and reduce delivery time, by establishing a direct shipping route to the Iranian port.

#afganistan   #iran   #india   #shippingindustry

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Although the United States remained the world's largest economy, it was closely followed by China when measured using PPPs. India is now the world's third largest economy, moving ahead of Japan.
  #india   #economicgrowth

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मैं सोने और चांदी में बड़े लाभ अब हमारे पीछे हैं का कहना है कि.
#Gold futures wavered on Monday in an attempt to rebound from the prior week’s decline as a slew of economic reports were expected to make for some volatile sessions throughout the week. 

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ये भारत के भविष्य के लिए अच्छा निवेश कर रहे हैं.
A private company from India is ready to establish a direct shipping link between Chabahar and the Indian ports, in order to bypass Dubai and reach Iran. The capital investment needed for the construction of a container terminal in Chabahar is estimated to be $147 million.

#india   #iran   #shippingindustry

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इस शिपिंग का भविष्य है?
Some analysts say that carbon-fiber cargo containers would be more efficient, less costly, as well as provide better over-all security for the global container shipping industry. You might be surprised to learn that at the moment, at least seven EU nations are considering the new boxes.

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