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Demon Lovers: An Anthology Series
Demon Lovers anthology series, edited by Deborah Teramis Christian, published by Storybones.
Demon Lovers anthology series, edited by Deborah Teramis Christian, published by Storybones.


“A Different Approach” by Jason Christopher Hosler
Josef is a virtuous man, a sincere and pious soul who puts great stock in the words of the Tome and the teachings of the Prelate. He once thought his willpower should be enough to fend off the nighttime visitations of a demonic seductress—but he was wrong.
A Prelate’s blessing, his personal faith, his virtue: Josef girds himself with all possible forces for good, grasping to anything that might balance out his weakening resolve. But will it be enough when night falls, and the succubus returns? They are creatures of temptation and deception, and little does Josef know just how greatly deceived he may be.
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When you buy a copy of Demon Lovers: Succubi, you can also get a non-fiction book about Succubus Lore and Legend.  This $17.95 value book is available only to our readers through this special offer, and cannot be found in bookstores online.
Info on how to get the Lore book is in the back of DLS under the appendix header, "An Offer For Our Readers."  
The book will be coming out in September (I've had to revise the release date; if you are already signed up for the book, please check your email for a message about it.)
See our book site to purchase DLS and for links to other online booksellers.
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“Recovery” by Lawrence Scott
Like others of her kind who have fallen from grace, Claire comes from a divine origin. But that was long and long ago, and over the eons the succubus has gone from loving humans to using and exploiting them. Intent on destroying lives and delivering up souls, addicted to sex and sensation, she does her work as she has done it for time out of mind.

Or that’s what she’s supposed to be doing. Yet one lover she is setting up for destruction has a strange hold on her, and it’s getting harder and harder to do what a succubus is supposed to do. Memories, regrets, forgotten aspirations, long-buried feelings stirring—it’s a lot to handle, and when the dam breaks, nothing will be the same in Claire’s world ever again.
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Fantasy novelist Diana Pharaoh Francis has a succubus resolved to fix her problems in a desperate manner:
“Hunger Pains” by Diana Pharaoh Francis
Olivia has spent a long time denying her true nature and passing as human. When she falls for her boss, Noah, she wants to earn his love, not steal it—but as a succubus, she can’t help herself. It’s time for desperate measures to be with the man she loves.

She’s paid a witch to cure her, only now she’s running out of time. Noah has found someone else, and if Olivia doesn’t act soon, she’ll lose him forever. Tonight’s the night, if nothing gets in the way. But someone from her past has other ideas…
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A Succubus on TV
Did you know there's a tv show about a succubus? Lost Girl on the Syfy channel follows the life of a succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk, as she learns to control her abilities, helps those in need, and discovers the truth about her origins. Check it out!
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"In the Manner of His Choosing" is one of the most intense stories in Demon Lovers: Succubi. The story is by two-time Nebula nominee Jennifer Pelland. Here's the blurb for her story: 

Each night, she follows the stink of guilt with more skill than any bloodhound, tracing the trail straight to the beds of the men who deserve her most. She brings death from the place where other women bring life, and she does it without reservations.

She is a succubus. She is vengeance in the form of a woman.

And sometimes on that trail, she does not always find what she expects at the end.
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From Demon Lovers: Succubi, here's the blurb for "Mother Vinegar" by +DeAnna Knippling, one of the most unusual science fictional treatments of succubi that I've ever read:

Ship’s AI and succubus Bright Pickle loves her life of running a space ship and titillating her human pilot, Chester. Accompanying her miner on his journeys through the outer solar system, she’s managed to keep herself as far away from her mother AI’s machinations of independence and conquest as possible. But Mother can’t leave well enough alone. When she sets the wheels of destruction turning, only Bright Pickle can save Chester and thwart Mother Vinegar’s plans.

But Pickles is her mother’s daughter, after all…
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Survey Drawing Winners and Thanks

First, a big Thank You to everyone who participated in our survey-drawing book giveaway. Your questions and comments have given us much useful food for thought, and we'll be addressing most of the things you asked about in the Succubus Lore and Legend book.  We're also adding a few new sections to answer some things you thought of, that we hadn't. :) Thanks again for your input!

Giveaway Winners
Congratulations to the winners of this contest. The first three were chosen on the basis of a question to be answered in the book, and will be acknowledged in the Lore book in relation to that content. The other three were chosen at random using an online dice roller.  The winners of a copy of _Demon Lovers: Succubi_  are:

Dale Donovan
Treva R. Martin-Scott
Tina Peterson
Shakir Rashaan

Thanks for your feedback, folks. Look for an email from Storybones Publishing ( later today with details about claiming your ebook.
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Because we're still working on the non-fiction Succubus Lore and Legend book, we're leaving our succubus lore survey live online for the next couple of weeks for anyone who cares to share their opinions and questions on the subject. You can find the survey at the link below, although any responses given now do not count as entries in the book giveaway.
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Our book giveaway for DLS is closed. Winners will be announced later today and also contacted directly via email. More news soon!
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