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+Abdullah Husain Season 3 of #Arrow  started off with such a huge band. Also check out #TheFlash they tied both shows into each other.
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Yeah I got my bro into all this dc stuff so he watches them and Gotham but I still haven't finished season 1 of arrow lol

Uzair Syed

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Well someone snagged quite a lot of roles this season:
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Uzair Syed

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I just caught up to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel. Anyone know when the thirteenth novel is coming?
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Uzair Syed

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Remember that line from DBZ Abridged: "So...nudity makes you stronger on this planet" -Raditz. Well that's basically #KillLaKill
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Team Four Star is a group of comedic geniuses! 
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Uzair Syed

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Just finished Sankarea. What are the chances of a season 2? Also, if someone could recommend more supernatural type romance anime that would be great. here's what I've seen:
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+Uzair Syed ehh id say its worth a shot, i mean why not? xD
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Uzair Syed

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Valvrave, The Return of Rukino. Finally!
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Again, Spoilers!


spoilers regarding this week episode

Another flash forward during the beginning!
Is x-ein goin to shoot a-drei despite letting her go?
Still NO answer that what is inside h-neun earring! I sense plot hole here!
Where is ep23 preview!? Cain must pay for what he's done. I wanna know what is behind his eye patch! Possibly he's got an unknown power in his eye.
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+Ene- -Chan Tanjobi Omedeto
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Uzair Syed

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Any specific rules for this section? Like the game has to be an anime adaptation/spin off or has to be Japanese? Can be any game?
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Uzair Syed

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This anime season is AWESOME
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+Jeffrey Zin Its fine. I understood u.
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Uzair Syed

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+Abdullah Husain M for Muhammad yup

Uzair Syed

• Discussions  - about an Accel World second season? I want that more than the second season of Sowrd Art honestly lol.
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Uzair Syed

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Just finished Season 2 Valvrave. WTF was that!?
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I don't care how valvrave ended that way. Hell even Guilty Crown that so many things left unexplained. Anime these days are so dumb especially plots & storylines, cliffhangers.
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Majoring in Bioinformatics @NJIT. Life is a game. So NEVER STOP PLAYING. Hardcore Otaku. Loves games, anime/manga, comics/movies, and hates sports.

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