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Great video interview, Frank, project leader and CTO ownCloud shows up in FLOSS weekly.
Learn about the secrets! "Provide something useful for people"
What is upcoming, what is the state of the community?

What do you like to discuss?

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Mark Grist - I want a girl who reads

“So, what do you go for in a girl?”
He crows, lifting a lager to his lips
Gestures where his mate sits
Downs his glass
“He prefers tits
I prefer ass.
What do you go for in a girl?”

I don’t feel comfortable
The air left the room a long time ago
All eyes are on me
Well, if you must know

I want a girl who reads
Yeah. Reads.
I’m not trying to call you a chauvinist
Cos I know you’re not alone in this

I want a girl who reads
Who needs the written word
& uses the added vocabulary
She gleans from novels and poetry
To hold lively conversation
In a range of social situations

I want a girl who reads
Who’s heart bleeds at the words of Graham Greene
Or even Heat magazine
Who’ll tie back her hair while reading Jane Eyre
and goes cover to cover with each waterstones three for two offer
but I want a girl who doesn’t stop there

I want a girl who reads
Who feeds her addiction for fiction
With unusual poems and plays
That she hunts out in crooked bookshops for days and days and days
She’ll sit addicted at breakfast, soaking up the back of the conflakes box
And the information she gets from what she reads makes her a total fox
Cos she’s interesting & unique
& her theories make me go weak at the knees

I want a girl who reads

A girl who’s eyes will analyse
The menu over dinner
Who’ll use what she learns to kick my ass in arguments
so she always ends the winner
But she’ll still be sweet and she’ll still be flirty
Cos she loves the classics and the classics are dirty
So late at night she’d always have me in a stupor
As she paraphrases the raunchier moments from the works of Jilly Cooper

See, some guys prefer asses
Some prefer tits
And I’m not saying that I don’t like those bits
But what’s more important
What supercedes
For me
Is a girl a with passion, wit and dreams
So I want a girl who reads

All Credits and © Mark Grist ▸ Homepage:
WriteOutLoud: - Facebook: - Twitter:

#MarkGrist   #GirlsWhoRead   #poem   #Video  

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Quad core CPU, at least 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, open bootloader, Anroid or Ubuntu mobile or whatever you like. Help reach $32,000,000 and back the Ubuntu Edge on indiegogo!

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Schöne Doku für CSS, HTML und jQuery. 

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Will RigidBot be open hardware? The RepRap designs are available from and I could not find any information whether the RigidBot design files will be made available in a similar way or not. 

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Betrifft BibSonomy: Danke für die Blumen! :-) Durch die Fortführung der DFG-Finanzierung für PUMA ist jetzt auch die Implementierung einiger dringend von den Bibliotheken gewünschter Features gesichert. Die Entwicklung eines Geschäftsmodells steht aber auch bei PUMA an vorderster Stelle.

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Time to take a look at ownCloud ;)
Looks like I will not be using Microsoft gear at IBM Connect. I have no idea what the problem is. Maybe they don't like the video I just shared with Heise. My own video. No nudes.

Update: I was able to restore access to the account without any MS intervention. However, this should be a reality check for you if you want to rely on the service. Microsoft giveth, Microsoft taketh.
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