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For the common good

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We have an event coming up with Clive Lord speaking about the Citizens' Income.

The Citizens’ Income With Clive Lord
Date and Time: 29th November 2016. 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Venue: Friends’ Meeting House, 78 Eastcott Hill, Swindon.

Meet Clive Lord for a presentation and Q&A session on the Citizens’ Income, also known as the Basic or Universal Income.

How would it work? Why is it Green? Who would benefit? Whatever your politics, please come & join a positive cross-party discussion on a subject which is currently attracting interest across parties, countries and ideologies.

For more information see

FREE event ~ refreshments available. Donations towards costs appreciated (surplus to Swindon Harbour Project)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call 07801 730776

(Meeting is accessible to wheelchair-users, including toilet and car-parking space.)

With the majority of politicians becoming increasingly out of touch with the public they are supposed to be representing, it's no wonder that so many people are disillusioned with politics in Britain today but it doesn't have to be that way.

In our latest blog post, Swindon Area Green Party member and Press Officer, Andy Bentley, talks about how his experience with the Green Party, with their bottom up approach to policy making and the lack of slavish agreement with the Party line has led him to find his 'political home' in a party that involves its Members at all levels.


"Now some 25+ years later I find myself in the Green Party, and I think I've finally  found a party I can call my own, where no-one tells me what to say or do, where policy rises up from the masses rather by decree from on high."

If you'd like to join the Green Party and play your part in forming the policies of a Party dedicated to creating social and environmental change you can do so on the Party website:  

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Caroline Lucas : Why I'm standing with Greece in Trafalgar Square this evening

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Green MEP Molly Scott Cato pledges to continue to work hard for the South West on eve of Glastonbury Festival appearance

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Green Bloc marches to End Austerity Now - YouTube

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Swindon Area Green Party member (and press officer) Andy Bentley talks about the importance of putting your energies - and votes - into the politics you want, rather than settling for politics that are not quite as bad as the politics you hate.

"... I should have planted something else 30 years ago, and spent my time nurturing that. Put your efforts into the Green Party. Water it, feed it, look after it, help it to grow. VOTE for it. If you vote Green this time you might not get the result you want. If you DON'T vote green you never will. There are other people out there waiting to follow your lead..."

You can follow Andy on his Facebook Page:

If you want to join us in the Green Party and help grow and nurture the politics you want to see then you can do so via this link:

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With the election likely to be closer than ever, your Green MP could make a huge difference...

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Yesterday evening, Poppy Hebden-Leeder represented the Green Party of England and Wales at the BBC Wiltshire Election 2015 hustings programme for North Swindon.
BBC News has covered the programme in this article:

'Poppy Hebden-Leeder, from the Green party, said the the infrastructure was not "keeping up" with the population.
"We're having to play catch-up very fast and I'm not sure just putting in a [northern link road] is sufficient," she said.'

You can listen to the full debate here:

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Let's try to knock them off the No. 1 spot on the 7th of May...

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In her latest blog post, Swindon South Green PPC Talis Kimberley-Fairbourn speaks on the topic of climate change, why many people find it challenging to prioritise this issue which is already impacting dramatically on people and habitats around the world, and how the Government in their latest Budget has given tax breaks to the industries that are only going to make things worse.

"It’s equally appropriate to feel angry, when those in power – who have the opportunity to make the big changes that we all know we need – evade their responsibility to us and to our children, and carry on as though we can afford to burn all the fossil fuels there are. We really can’t. We can’t even afford to burn all that we’ve already found."

Many of the Green Party of England and Wales's policies and our own local manifesto seek to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a more sustainable future.

Swindon Area Green Party's local manifesto section on Environment, Health & Well-Being (…) explains that we encourage renewable energy schemes in the Swindon area, advocate sustainable projects and further encourage and expand pre-existing recycling schemes. Our manifesto section on Transport ( outlines our commitment to an integrated transport network with public transport being more affordable, more accessible and more appealing so that the number of cars on the roads can be reduced which will, in turn, reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned and adding to the effects of climate change.
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