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Thank you for writing such a wonderful article brother. The sources really made the article, without those it would have been all conjecture. What are your views on what people call "Judaism"? My understanding is that Judaism originated in Babylon during the captivity and was in common practice in the days of Yahushua. I've noticed some "Natzarim" have combined the teachings of Yahushua with Judaism. At this point I do not agree with this at all. Before the captivity the Israelites practiced what I label as "Yahwism", following the mitzvot as the Scriptures provided, not adding to the commandments or taking away from them.

Judaism (not Yahwism) was a later creation and added to the mitzvot of Yahweh. Yet there are some Natzraya who are mixing the two, prescribing we follow the oral tradition of the elders and the hypocrisy that tends to go along with those oral traditions.

I can't say that I know everything pertaining to the way of Yahushua Mashiach nor do I judge or condemn anyone for following their conscious. I just feel it is dangerous to mix the two, especially after the condemning rebukes Yahushua often gave the Pharisees, Scribes, and Sadduces.

Great work!
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