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Its the New Year. You're striving for a new, revamped you, and what's a better way of doing just that than changing up your locks? Now, you may cringe at the thought of cutting off your long, luscious locks, or the thought of changing up the hue that you've been rocking since high school (Hint! Hint!), but don't worry! I'm not going to be giving you hair tips that everyone provides. Duh! Can you say bor-ing? I'd like to think that I'm a little more original than that. Thanks, guys! On a serious note, here are some hair colour tips that will help to create a new you that won't have you crying in a salon seat with your hands full of hair.... Unless you want to do that, then all the power to you! I'm going to say that starting the new year off crying probably isn't the best idea, so consider these hair revamping tips instead!

This is a hair colour tip for the ladies really willing to take on a life changing experience. Okay, so that's a little dramatic but if you're used to rocking super light locks, switching to a tone that is dark as night can totally change the name of the game! It will change, not only your look, but your attitude, appeal and confidence.... Hopefully all for the better. Oh, I'm just kidding! As long as you rock it proudly, you'll look like a total babe! Do you dare to switch it up from platinum to noir. Just remember ladies, going blackest as black can be extremely permanent. It's definitely not a one day deal, so commit to the look before you do the dye.

Are you thinking that this is the same colour tip as the prior? False! This one is definitely much less drastic, and the transition is much easier, while still giving you a total makeover. If you're looking to simply change up your look without totally going out of your comfort level, this is a fabulous option that won't leave every one's jaws on the ground, but rather, smiling with approval. If you're used to being a sweet little blonde, you can start this year off by being a daring and confident brunette. 

This hair colour tip comes with a little bit of a life evaluation because electric blue and neon orange may not be the proper cards for your future. The only reason that I suggest you evaluate your situation prior to purchasing multicoloured highlights is because you don't want to lose your job as an accountant because you now look like a rock band super star. If your daring dye job won't disrupt your current lifestyle, than give'er! Unless you want to go out of your job with a bang.... To each their own, right?

Now, I'm not saying that multicoloured highlights isn't fashionable. I'm simply giving you an alternative if you will lose your job for rocking that look. Bright and fun blasts of colours are super trendy right now, and can be added into your locks elegantly. With some fuschia strips, or red tips, you can channel your inner wild child, while keeping it professional and realistic for every day. 

There's truly no better way to spice up these rather dark and dreary days of the new year that have left our locks lacking the oomph that we desire! These unique colour tips will certainly have you loving your new, updated you... and hair do!

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Fun and Easy to use Hair Accessories

  Every now and then a women gets bored of her hair, or frustrated by it if it doesn't turn out the way planed( hair can be stubborn many times). Or perhaps you work in a place in where you have to have your hair up due uniform code. If this is the case you can benefit from some of the things I'm going to suggest. I have tried them all at a certain time and I absolutely love what they do to my hair; and believe it or not they require very little skills and effort! lets take a look at what these magic hair accessories are.

Banana Clips: Do you remember watching those television shows back in the day, where girls would have big curly hair tied up? (yeeeeah…. a couple of years back). Well ladies guess what they were using banana clips! And these clips are still around today, which mean you can still achieve this look. All you need to do is curl or straighten (if you want that tv look) and put on a banana clip. The clip shouldn't be loose and it should hold all your hair nicely (If you leave it loose it's going to fall out). Another secret about these particular accessories is that they create an illusion, making your look longer (and if you decide to straighten your hair it will look even longer!).
Headbands: Okay, many of us think headbands? They’re so grade school, but are they really? I don't think so. There are hundreds if not thousands of different headbands for different ages. On special occasion you can rock a glam headband (you can choose to tease your hair for more POW). Or you can just rock a pretty headband on a regular day. Another type of look you can achieve is the Greek goddess look. Have you ever seen those thin braid like headbands?  Well those headband don't actually go on your head, instead they hug it. These particular bands look lovely when the hair is wavy or slightly curled.
Double Hair Combs (EZ combs): These accessories were a hit about three years ago, and believe me they are the best hair accessory I have ever bought! When you are in a rush for an event or when you just don't feel like putting too much thought in doing your hair these are perfect. They come with different tips on what styles you can achieve (and they are super easy to follow).  You can either put all your hair up or have it half way up. When you have it up however it looks very elegant (and depending on which clip you buy it looks even better). People who don't know about these clips are wowed and compliment you on your hair, when all you really do is clip it. This is a must have accessory, try it out and I promise you won't regret it!
      Alright ladies, that brings us to the end of today's blog. Remember if you get bored of doing the same things to your hair   try out new hair accessories and have fun with them.

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The warrior woman ponytail is the hautest hair tutorial that you can learn about right now. You see top models rocking the runway in these, as well as the most adored celebrities strutting their stuff down the red carpet rocking a fierce warrior inspired hair style, so what in the world are us "normal people" waiting for? Seriously! We need to jump on this trend for more than just one reason. The first one being that it's obviously super sexy, sassy and something fierce. Let me hear you roar!? Okay... too far? Well, another reason why you need to learn how to kill this look is because it's obviously simple enough to do within 5 minutes of having to leave the house. Damn you, snooze button. We've been there. Don't lie. You have too. Alright, but enough of this blabber gabber. Here are the top tips that you need to rock this feisty hairstyle!

Oh, wait! I guess I should tell you what a warrior woman ponytail is first, right? If you can't tell from the picture, it's a really sleek and pulled back ponytail that sits pretty high on your head. Think back to the Spice Girls days where Sporty Spice killed a great high ponytail. Essentially, it's the same thing. So let's HI-YA your way to karate chopping, warrior fighting ponytail flipping style.

PROMISING PRODUCTS is totally the biggest tip for this hairstyle that is the talk of the runways for this season. Since the warrior ponytail is so strictly pulled back, it's important that you contain any frizzes and flyaways with products that keep their products. What does that mean? Well, use prestigious products that actually do what their cute little bottle says.

TAD BIT OF TEXTURE.... or a lot, just make sure you have some in this hairstyle. Since it's such a bold and stunningly fierce look, you must add a little bit of texture to ensure that you get the rock glam, yet feisty warrior appeal. Don't forget to also add in some nice sparkling serum to make your hair firmer, while adding that shine that every girl's locks need!

ADD AN ACCESSORY. No. I'm not talking about adding a necklace and some knuckle finger rings. Instead, add a cuff to your hair band. This little addition of glam and sparkle will keep the look feminine and will certainly achieve the warrior look as opposed to just a "high ponytail". After all, the latter isn't what's trendy, right? It's specifically all about the warrior ponytail.

So add a little heat and spice to this rather chilly and frigid season with a fierce warrior ponytail. At least now you know how to do so effortlessly and fabulously!

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Reverting Back to Childhood!

Do you ever have does days in where you think “ ugggh, I hate being a grown up, being a child was so much better.” I know I’ve had some of those days myself. Oh the wonders of being a child, we had no care in the world. I’m I right or I’m I right? Let’s face it as grownups we have so many other responsibilities. Responsibility is a good thing to have, but it’s also big thing to handle. So when you feel like you have the world on your shoulder because of how many things you are in charge of take a break. And by taking a break I mean do what you enjoyed doing as a kid. Get goofy and silly, don’t care about what anyone else thinks or says; we all have an inner child, so let her have some fun! Here is what I suggest doing.

Disney Movies: What better way to revert back to your childhood than watching your old time favorite movies! Ladies these movies are classical; they are probably one of the first things you watched as a child. Have a chilled night at home, call out some girlfriends, buy some snacks, and enjoy.

Favorite Type of Snack You Loved: As a child what was your ultimate favorite snack? I know children have a lot of favorites, but what do you recall being the absolute best thing to munch on? I myself used to love those watermelon gummies. Now that I’m older I don’t find the cravings to buy them (as much), this is probably due to the fact that as grownups are palatable changes slightly. Any who, if you happen to find something you really loved munching on as a child don’t hesitate to buy it. Eating something that you don’t usually eat and you ate as a child, definitely takes you back.   

Favorite Childhood Activity: As a kid what was your favorite type of activity? Were you a swimmer; a soccer player; or an arts and crafts type of gal?  What was it that you enjoyed? Really think about it, and then find time to take part in that activity. If it’s dealing with sports, get out there and join a team. Remember it’s all about having fun, and bringing out your inner child. 

 Okay ladies, that is my advice to you today. Remember adults can have fun being childish too. Doing childish things, or watching kids’ movies doesn’t make you foolish, it makes you human. So don’t let people tell you otherwise. Always remember this, no matter how old you are, you will always have your inner child inside you.

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The Usage of Leopard

Leopard has been showing up everywhere as of late. And, with good reason, some have been calling leopard the new black. The reality is that leopard is one of those prints that coordinate with a range of different colors and shades. Leopard has a universal appeal as a print, it’s not too girly and yet it still evokes a sense of femininity and appeal. But, there is a definite way to wear leopard right and there is a way to wear leopard wrong. The reality with leopard is that you must wear it in small doses.

Leopard looks best when it is an accenting an outfit, not overpowering an outfit. You should never pair a main leopard piece with another main leopard piece and be in head to toe leopard. But, when leopard is used sparingly, it can make a defining statement which is perfect for the colder months up ahead. Leopard can be worn any which way, on anything. As of late, top designers have been utilizing leopard on coats, jackets, blouses, tank tops, jeans, cropped pants, scarves, necklaces, gloves, shoes and hair accessories.

The best part about leopard is that it is easy to coordinate with other items in your closet using the basic colors that make up the leopard print. Brown, white, cream, beige, black, grey and charcoal look great with leopard. And, if done right, red, dark green and mustard also look great with the leopard print. If you are looking for an understated appeal, then it is best to wear leopard sparingly, such as in a scarf around your head or in a headband.

There are more bold ways to wear leopard as well, such as on a pair of cropped jeans or on a jacket. Some very cute leopard print pieces that have been seen on many individuals include leopard shoes of all types. Leopard pumps are incredible popular and they can be worn with an all black ensemble or a range of colors that were mentioned above.

The best part about leopard is that it includes all the neutrals within the color spectrum, but it does it in a way that is not boring, but exciting and most of all, fun. Leopard also looks very cute when worn on gloves or a hat. There are many makeup shades that look great when paired with leopard pieces, but the best makeup to wear with leopard include a bright red lip. The bright red showcases the leopard to the fullest degree, but doesn’t detract from the printed leopard appeal.

And, since red is bold and bright, the leopard print and the red lip seem to balance each other out quite nicely. So, do yourself a favor and invest in some statement making leopard pieces to look amazing during the winter season.

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Ideas for Winter Dates

Have you noticed that during the winter months you can't do as many outside activities compared to the summer? And sometimes you think “my boyfriend/ husband and I always just end up going to the movies and grabbing dinner? Don't get me wrong going to the movies and grabbing dinner is enjoyable, but it most defiantly gets repetitive! So how about trying a couple of new things during these winter months!
Ice skating: Going ice skating is not only fun but its very enjoyable in good company. There is music playing and you are bound to have a good time. If you have never ice skated before it may be a little tricky and I would suggest taking it one step at a time. You might not get the hang of it right away, but if you liked it and decide to go again you will for sure pick up on it. When going ice skating I would suggest to wear warm clothing. ( I usually like wearing a cozy sweater and gloves; I find that wearing a jacket is a little uncomfortable)
VanDusen Garden/ Stanley park: during this time of year both of these parks have beautiful Christmas decorations, they are definitely worth to check out. It's quiet pretty for a date, and there are many places in where to take pictures. Riding the train at night in Stanley Park with your significant other is very very very romantic. At VanDusen garden I believe you have to pay to get in, and I can't quiet remember how much (I think about $10-15) , but believe me it is worth it. Now if you end up going to any of these two destinations make sure dress really warm, because it does get quiet cold at these locations, especially because its night time.
Going Up to the Mountain: Do you like snowboarding or skiing? I myself can't say I do, it’s not something I have tried (I’m a big chicken when it comes to these things), but if you're the type of person that enjoys these winter activities, get other with your partner and have some fun. If you're like me however don't miss out on going up to the mountain; rent out a sled and go down it together. You're only young once, so go out there and try it! I guarantee you will both have fun.
        Very well, I hope you found these activities enlightening and that you and your boyfriend/ husband get a chance to try them. Remember it's always good to try something out of the routine, it keeps the relationship interesting.

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How Belts Make it Better!

These days, everywhere you look; you will see amazing belts of all types. You will see belts of different shapes, different colors and different sizes. And, this great influx of belts is because utilizing belts in your wardrobe are the easiest and quickest way to add some style and panache to an otherwise basic outfit. Especially with the colder months approaching, belts are increasingly important in interjecting femininity within anyone’s outfit.

The best type of belt to coordinate with a specific outfit can sometimes be tough. In terms of casual clothing, meaning jeans and a casual t-shirt or cargo pants, it is best to go with a brown or tan colored leather belt. Usually, it looks better when the belt is about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches in width. The belt that you wear with jeans or cargo pants should fit within the loops on your pants. The belt should not be stuffed in to the loops, nor should it be a skinny belt swimming in the loops. The great thing about a brown or tan colored leather belt is the ability to wear the belt with an array of different colors and shades. Brown or tan goes with every color under the sun and a brown or tan belt also looks amazing if you choose to wear brown to tan boots for a cool fall or winter outfit.

The second type of belt that is cute for a variety of styles is the stretchy wide belt. This type of belt can be any color, but it is most commonly seen in black. This type of belt looks great when worn over a long shirt and either skinny jeans or leggings. This look is both modern and trendy and great for the fall and winter months. A stretchy belt looks great when paired over a chambray button down shirt or even a thin sweater. Either way, a skinny belt adds a curve to the body and cinches in the waist exactly in the area that is most flattering to the body. A stretchy belt is also extremely comfortable to wear since the material stretches with you. So, you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing a stretchy belt. And, because of the wide width of a stretchy belt, it creates a clean line over clothing creating the right type of silhouette. Some adorable stretchy belts even come with a bow in the front or other embellishments.

The last type of great belt to invest in would be a low slung belt that just hits the hips. These low slung belts can be made of leather, material or metal. The idea of a low slung belt is that it adds a certain sex appeal to any outfit. Since the belt is slung low on the hips, it looks great when worn with any form fitting top and bottom. Try wearing a low slung belt with leggings and a tunic with a jacket over it and a pair of really high heels. You will be ready for a night out on the town.

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Party Outfits for the Winter Months

Have you ever gone to a party and wore a dress during the winter months and then thought why the heck did I wear a dress during this weather? I'm freezing cold. I know I most certainly have, and it's not a pleasant experience, not to mention that dresses are not always that comfortable (in the sense that most of the time you have wear the nice high open-toe shoes, which most often than not will kill your feet by the end of the night).Being cold and in pain is a no go! Therefore I thought I would share with you some possible party outfits for the winter.
Jumpsuits:  I'll be completely honest with you, it's annoying to go to the bathroom in one of these (that’s the only bad thing, other than that they are great) but I can guarantee you, you won't suffer from the cold. If you decide to wear a jumpsuit but you don’t think it’s warm because it’s made out of thing material you can choose to wear nylons underneath for excess warmth.  As for shoes you can wear close toe shoes, flats, even boots, all depending on the structure of the jumpsuit of course. You can even style some jumpsuits with blazers and Jewelry.
Leggings/ Jeans/ High Waits Pants: Okay, how many times have I talked about leggings? They are amazing! Again to make them extra cozy you can wear nylons underneath. And since you'll be going to an event you can just throw on a nice summery shirt with a cardigan or blazer, and top off the look by adding high heel boots and jewelry. With jeans you can do exactly the same thing except that if you do decide to wear jeans I suggest wearing dark ones, they will look much better, believe me dark jeans work wonders. Another thing you can consider is wearing high waits pants with a pretty long sleeve top, or a nice summery top with a blazer.
Winter dresses: Alright, alright I lied, you can technically wear a dress, but why choose a summery dress in were you know you will completely freeze? That’s why I suggest wearing a winter dress! Like I’ve said before winter dresses can be styled in different ways, you can even add leggings, and if it’s really, really, really cold out you can even add the nylons underneath the leggings! Finally to finish off the look, throw on some high heel boots, maybe a cardigan (depending on the dress)and girl you’re set to party.

        Very well, these are some suggestions for you ladies; something to perhaps consider now that the holidays are coming up and the weather keeps getting colder and colder.And hey it's a good time to shop for any of these items, now that everything is going on sale for Xmas. Remember it’s not worth to sacrifice getting sick just to look good, when you will look just as good in any of the outfits I just mentioned.

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Three Ways To Turn Your Hair From Generic to Glam

There's nothing worse than rocking a great hair style, only to leave a big, honking hair elastic staring down at everyone that tries to admire your amazing style. Hair elastics suck. It doesn't matter if you buy some from the dollar store, the department store or a luxurious brand boutique, they all fall into the same category of hair accessories that totally take away from the look that you have created. Just take a look at the next red carpet. You will certainly notice how many celebrities don't have their hair elastic showing, and why is that you ask? Well, duh! Because hair elastics suck! Now, I understand that we don't all have the luxury of having a professional hair stylist come into our homes to perfect our hair to resemble something off of the red carpet that we all adore, so instead, I am going to provide the three easiest ways for you to take your hair style to the next level, just by covering up your hair elastic.

Your simply, took-two-seconds-to-do ponytail can go from generic to glam with one quick twist of hair around your elastic band. This is a personal favourite of mine because it's so quick to create and looks like something you'd only see on the front page of fabulous magazine. Once your hair is in your ponytail, (take a strand preferably from the bottom), and wrap it up and around your hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins and hair spray the heck out of it so it stays. You can play around with different amounts of hair that you use, as well as different textures such as braids and twists. There are a variety of ways to switch this little wrap around into something fabulous for all the events taking up your agenda.

The second way to take your hair from a generic style to something of pure glamour is with a tuck under. I like to do these for ponytails to the side, as well as any kind of love style or bun and certainly you will learn to love it as well! Pull your hair back into a low ponytail, and be sure to keep it somewhat loose. Separate your hair above the hair elastic, so your hair appears to have a hole in it. Bring your ponytail up, and through that very hole, and pull it down and out under it. Tighten it up with a quick squeeze and your nape neck style has taken on a whole new appeal.

The third way that you can cover up that ugly hair elastic that is taking away from your swag is with a hair cuff. Hair jewelry is super trendy for this season and it can be the perfect accent to your up do to take your hair style from day to night. Add a little sparkle and shine, while covering up that ugly matte elastic!

Now, these are only three of the easiest ways that you can cover up your ponytail elastic to make your look chic and fabulous! Experiment and see if you can find any new ways!

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