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How to Work in Marketing When You're Bothered by Suck
(Behind the scenes of my new experiment in creativity)

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One of the most fascinating startup stories and excited we had Scott on the podcast!

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A (sadly but hilariously) true tale from when I worked at Google

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Here's what really grinds my gears about marketing today

(Yes, it's Peter Griffin time)

Everyone in the industry loves to tell you that the key and the approach to modern marketing is to create great content. Then they spend weeks of their lives helping you understand how to come up with a content strategy, a distribution plan, a way to measure ROI, a list of tools you need, and so on.

What's missing? 

CREATING the content

Who is equipped to create amazing, audience-building, business-growing content day in and day out? Yes, there are many people in this world who can do so, but are we talking to each other? Teaching each other? Helping those who don't possess those skills? Helping push each other to improve?

If you think about it, content marketing boils down to four general stages: planning, production, distribution, and measurement. Every activity we can perform can fit into one of those buckets. And there are resources and tools out the arse to help you with the first, the third, and the fourth stage.

In an era where content marketing is maturing -- when you can't be first because others already were, and you can't be loud and churn-and-burn, because that doesn't work -- we need to be better about production.

We need to master the craft of content creators.

If you agree, check out the article below, or sign up for The Daily Content at (1 example + 1 lesson to help marketers master the craft of creating content).

Cheers to a brighter future--scratch that, PRESENT--for marketing. 

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Introducing the Daily Content Inspiration email for content marketers

First and only time I'll post/shill this, but I'm running a small daily newsletter for people interested in the craft of creating content online (particularly if you do so in a business or for client businesses) -- blogging, podcasting, design, video, slideshares, and more. Not the marketing component -- the actual production work. 

My goal is for this to be incredibly useful w/o requiring much time to consume, so I send 1 piece plus 1 lesson you can learn from the content.

Sign up here: 

Example shown here:

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How to Buy Twitter Followers -- a totally serious flowchart
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