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I've never actually gotten an opportunity to play Monsterhearts, but this is cool and if you've played Monsterhearts, Avery Alder wants your feedback.
Hey, friends who like Monsterhearts!

For months, I've been considering the idea of a revised edition of Monsterhearts. I'll talk a little in the comments about some of the things on my to-change list, but more importantly: I'd like to gather some input about experiences of play.

I designed this survey:

If you've played/MCed the game, I'd love it if you could fill it out. Doing so will probably take 10-45 minutes, depending on how diverse your play experiences are and how verbose you get.

(In a way, this is also me testing the waters for whether there's an enthusiastic market for a second edition. More responses means more confidence about the idea of moving forward.)
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