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Some actual play reporting from yesterday's crazy session is available here:

Murder by Crotch Light!

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Haven't done one of these in a while! I actually took a break from DMing for a bit, and one of the players (Solon's) took over. Now we've switched back.

AS&SH. Hyperborea.
Solon = lv. 5 magician
Eutropia = lv. 5 ranger
Billy Ray Valentine = lv. 4 mountebank (illusionist-thief)
Argyros the Coffin = assassin
This Witness = Mystic
Mato the Firebear = druid

I think there's a bard, a scout, and now a cleric floating around, too.

10/8/16: Somehow, Billy Ray peer-pressures Sophia and Drest to death. Using a trail of dead fish-people to lure an ooze into a trapped hallway leads to only partial redemption.
Port Greeley (by +Jeff Talanian) episode 2!
We ended up trying to outsmart the super-tough bad buys by sleeping in their treasure chamber. It went poorly. The row-boat chase scene was pretty cool. We lost some 1st- and 2nd-level PCs but managed to escape so that that powers that be could fuck with our business some more. Sweet.

11/5/16: That Hyperborean fighter sure looks a lot like that other Hyperborean fighter who just died. And I don't think Solon is coming here for the Drunken Debauchery.
We cycle through some more 1st-level dudes and manage to prove that we run bounty-hunter-chaos-panic-slaying business in this town! And the weird plant business. Oh, Rel, god of thieves, geases Solon to go find some Daemon Slayer sword and bring it to the Kybernetes in Felchapel, with whom we had thought we were quitsville. The pronunciation of "geas" gets a real workout.

12/3/16: One-off! GaryCon practice: Meal of Oshregaal (by +Arnold K.): Why are all those trippy peahens mad at Peter? Why did Manny get eaten by that space whale? And when does the adventure start? Also: Never leave a man behind. Necromancers don't count.
Warming up the game I'm running at GaryCon.

12/17/16: Look, if you want to be left alone, just don't fireball us. We're happy to leave! RIP, all the young dudes.
The Daemon Slayer sword is in the sarcophagus of a super-touchy lich who fireballs the whole party as were just trying to leave. The low-level people really don't make it in a big, bacony way. But we got the stupid sword. Oh, but Billy Ray Valentine lost his hand. Looking good, Billy Ray?

12/31/16: A second-level assassin and a full-body tattoo seem like appropriate New Year's gifts. Witches, man - I gotta bail.
Just a little light witch hunting as we break in some new recruits. Argyros the Coffin ("coffin" and "coughin'" also rhyme in Kimmerian) actually lives through an entire adventure. We also find a daemon-summoning scroll and debate the merits of having the daemon deliver the daemon-slayer sword to the Kybernetes right through her neck and then take both her soul and the sword as payment. The logistics of this pretty much prevent our continued punning on "geas."

1/14/17: Dost thou want to kill deliciously, Lt. Calley?
Along the road to Felchapel, which is also Along the Road of Tombs ( by +Gus L. After killing some apes banging on a tomb, the party bangs on a tomb for a while until dignity kicks in. Then they end up fighting creepy hounds whose howling can be heard miles off but not up close, where they are silenced. A night gaunt joins the fun, and Mato the Firebear, brand-new druid, casts entangle on himself to avoid an endless tickle torment in the Black Gulf.

At the Feasters Inn in the Red Massif, where there's allegedly a necromancer who could maybe help with the increasingly missing limbs among the party, Solon ('s brown recluse daemon familiar) overhears one of the waitstaff refer to him as delicious and begins the slaughtering of the entire bar. When he realizes they are all 0-level inn workers, he decides no witnesses can be left behind. Things get very Full Metal Jerkin.

Session ends in a Hyperborean standoff with the assembled creepy-hound- and weird-monster-commanding inner circle of the group that claims to be a sect of contemplative gardeners.

1/28/17: "Wee, sleekit, tim'rous, cow'rin cannibal cultie / O wat a lighting bolt's in thy breastie?"
Burns Night Day (observed)! Somehow, all that whisky fires up Billy Ray, who manages to defeat pretty much the entire cult. Incredibly, the low-level PCs survive, and the Dust Family allies don't even screw anyone over. Super-scary magic items are liberally distributed to the party's weirdest members. Onto Felchapel! With sexy results?

Oh, and Solon and Billy Ray get their limbs back, with some mismatchery. Feeling good, Louis!

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Did I mention that last weekend one of my players had his first-level druid cast entangle on himself just in order to make it too annoying for the nightgaunt to pick him up and carry him away to the Black Gulf and an endless nightmare of torment and tickling? Because that happened. Auto-entangle FTW.

Though he still claims to think that magic grass should entangle a flying scorpion. We have to agree to disagree on that one.

Contra Harley Davidson, in Hyperborea it's better to be alive and uncool than dead and cool.

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So I spent a few hours yesterday working on the next (pre)generation of pregens for my GaryCon games this year. Figured the last batch had done yeoman's work already! I thought I might a request submit to the hivemind for help with images to paste onto the character sheets (I'm using Maezar's Sheet of Wondrous Automation []). So if anyone can post a link to publicly accessible images that fit any of these, I'd appreciate it! (Will update once I do the cleric and thief subclasses, too):

Keltic barbarian (male)
Esquimmeaux berserker (female)
Atlantean cleric (m)
Kimmerian warlock (death soldier) (f)
Ixian fighter (f)
Viking warlock (fire lord) (f)
Hyperborean pyromancer (m)
Common illusionist (f)
Kimmerian magician (m)
Ixian necromancer (m)
Atlantean ranger (f)
Amazon thief (f)
Pict warlock (m)
Esquimmeaux witch (m)

Or a decent search engine for same?


My my my my my Mythos arrived last Friday! Looks great, +Greg Gorgonmilk.

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Another AS&SH adaptation of the Mystic from +Logan Knight's blog. This time devoted to the Hyperborean god Aurorus, the Shining One, three-faced deity of celestial lights, portents, witchcraft, knowledge.


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Has anyone checked out the Dolmenwood setting that +Gavin Norman and +Greg Gorgonmilk  have been publishing in Wormskin? I think it could be pretty easily adapted to Hyperborea if one wanted.

It's a fey-influenced wood with human inhabitants who are changed by the nature of the power there. I'm always leery of faerie and fey stuff for Hyperborea, but the ice elves that are described as the faeries in this history seem like they would fit right in with the myth-derived nonhumans of Hyperborea. Also would make a good fit with Joseph Salvador's "Beyond the Ice Fall" from AFS 6

I was reading the history of the area in Wormskin 4 this morning. It seems like the rise of this faerie power could slot nicely into the time after the Green Death, when the downfall of the Hyperborean sorcerer-tyrants has left power vacuums all over Hyperborea. The coming of the submen in later centuries would fit nicely.

The map in Wormskin 1 makes it seem like the area is about 60 X 100 miles is needed, so like 2.5 X 4 hexes on the Hyperborea map. I can easily see putting it in the Gal hills, either in the north (Hyperborean east!) or near Dunwich; north of Brigands Bay; or east (Hyperborean south!) of Larchmere Yys, depending on how you want to adapt the surrounding culture: Keltic, Viking, etc. It would also make for some pretty fascinating consequences to put it near Orcust on the Skarag Coast, along the Savage Boreal Coast, or even in New Pictland. Near the Striped Gulf and the headwaters of the River Leng is also a possibility.

Anyhoo, worth checking out.

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A little publicity over on the Hyperborea board:

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I would think this could come in handy (ahem). Only minor alterations needed for Hyperborea:
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