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emily allison (allisonemy)

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summer doodles
It feels like I haven't drawn in ages. Since I've been home from uni I've been slightly lazy and not done much illustration, so I'm hoping to change that and start creating some cool stuff to eventually add to my online shop, woo. I was hoping to start sell...

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Greetings Cards
Recently I added a shop to my website, with the idea that I wanted to sell some products such as greetings cards and prints etc, so over the past week or so I've been creating some simple designs as sort of mock up ideas for what I could sell! So far, I've ...

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Final project of the year!
Its been a couple of months now since I have posted so I thought it was about time I gave a little update! Since posting about my Social awareness project, I have submitted my final body of work for the year, which means that my second year is over which is...

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Number through Print
For the last month or so things have been pretty hectic, and in all honesty I have purposely neglected my blog in order to make the most of my time focusing on other things. My latest project, for example, took up about 99.9% of my time, sort of . Realistic...

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Sequential Illustration
So at the beginning of september I returned to Portsmouth to begin my second year at university. To say that the project I was set upon my arrival was stressful, would be a tremendous understatement. The difference in expectation between levels four and fiv...

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I haven't made a post in over two months now... so I thought it was definitely about time. I think to keep a blog is quite fulfilling and for me is a great way to generate inspiration for myself. However I also only feel like posting if I have something hal...

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Tablet Roses
Quick & short update of some of the things I've done lately!  I recently got a graphics tablet which so far I am really enjoying. I've used them before so It's not completely new to me, but I feel there are lots of things that I still need to get used to wh...

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I bought a new sketch pad, how interesting . I quickly decided, after starting my visual diary, that the sketchbook I had chosen to do it in was a bit big and bulky. I want this project to be a bit more of a personal thing, so I decided to do it something s...

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June & Change
So between preparing to return back to essex during my final week of university for the year, and then actually travelling home with my overwhelming amount of belongings, I unsurprisingly haven't been drawing that much. My goal of blogging weekly hasn't mat...
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