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Global / US Politics Guide by Bill Hammons
Global / US Politics Guides by Bill Hammons of Boulder, Colorado
Global / US Politics Guides by Bill Hammons of Boulder, Colorado

Global / US Politics Guide by Bill Hammons's posts

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote on proposed Syria Strike broken down by individual Senator's vote on below page.

Note on-page commentary has already appeared...

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US House Foreign Affairs Committee page in American Politics Guide completed, just in time for the upcoming debate on Syria.

(Note Facebook comment boxes are on this page and corresponding Senate Foreign Relations Committee page; follow "Senate Committees" link to reach other page and leave a comment there as well.)

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The US President will seek authorization from Congress for military action in Syria in response to the Syrian government's August 21st chemical attack against civilians in the suburbs of Damascus.  Speaker Boehner says the House will consider a resolution the week of 9/9.

Let your US Rep and both Senators know how you feel: 

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Texas Governor Rick Perry and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul make moves in Bill's Republican Primary prospects list:

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Iraqi Politics Guide updated with Iraq's no-longer-slow slide into an anarchy complete with car bombs reminiscent of the last decade:

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Egyptian Politics Guide updated with latest developments (President Mohamed Morsi's ouster in military coup and subsequent violence):

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NY District 2 US Rep Peter King added to list of potential 2016 Presidential Candidates yesterday and ranked by my judgment of his Primary prospects (#11 of 29; below Sen. John Thune / above Bobby Jindal) & General Election prospects (#31 of 49; below retired Gen. Wes Clark / above retired General, former Sec. of State Colin Powell):

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Thanks again to the Ohio Congressional District 14 Michael Wager campaign for posting on the below page (you get your own candidate page linked to from that page!):

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You've been added.  Best of luck against Henry Waxman:

New Candidate - CA 33
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Brent Roske

Hi Bill - nice work on your 'American Politics Guide'. Please add me as a candidate against Rep. Henry Waxman in CA-33 for the upcoming 2014 election - thank you. My site:

Best regards,

Brent Roske
Creator/ Exec. Producer
'Chasing The Hill'
2013 Webby Award nominee for 'Best Drama'
'West Wing fans still experiencing withdrawal shakes
should check out 'Chasing The Hill' - HuffPost Hill

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Thanks for the reshare of my 2016 US Presidential Election Candidate List by General and Primary Prospects, Bill Lively!
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