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Positive Body Image: A Letter to Moms of Daughters
I remember promising myself when I was very young that I would never be one of those women when I grow up who wanted weight loss surgery or to change their bodies. But then I became her. So dear current moms and future moms of daughters, keep the following ...

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How to Eat Healthy for 1 {On a budget!}
Almost anything is significantly easier if you have unlimited funds. That being said, most people do not have that privilege. As a young person who lives on my own and maintains a healthy lifestyle, here's what I've discovered  as my keys to success on a bu...

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Being a Hardworking and Empowered Woman in the 21st Century
I wasn't supposed to have issues like this. I attended a well known progressive elementary school and the top Catholic school in my state for middle school and high school. Both my parents are college educated, my mom even has her PhD. The only voice I hear...

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Influenster Glam VoxBox Review!
A few days ago I received the glam voxbox and here's some of my thoughts on it! Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor- I love this razor! I have really sensitive skin so spending more on a razor is worth it to me so I won't have irritated skin.  Venus Olay Shave Cr...

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Tips to Do it All in College (but still maintain balance!)
College is a lot of unstructured time. That makes it easy to fall into a trap of laziness and unproductiveness. I try and avoid that and purposely structure my time. Here's what I found that works best for me to do everything I want to do socially but still...

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New Years Resolution: Love More
I'm going to try something different this year. Instead of focusing on concrete goals that tend to be very unobtainable, I'm going to focus on a word. My word for 2016 is love. In 2016, I'm going to love more.  There's three components to this: love God, lo...

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The Modesty Myth
This post has been stopped and started many times but I finally feel like I'm ready to share it. Today I'm going to talk about a cause that is a little bit controversial and a lot close to my heart. My title may be a little bit misleading,though. I'm not te...

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How to Afford the Holiday Season: 5 Tips From a Broke College Student
Life is expensive in general but the holidays are especially so. For a person like me who loves to give, it's hard to have to limit myself. Here are a few ideas I've developed over the years to make the holidays a little easier on my wallet. 1. Do most of y...

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Putting the 'Thanks' back in Thanksgiving
        Apparently the latest thing is that many stores are closing on Thanksgiving day so their employees can spend time with their loved ones as well as to encourage customers to do the same. My company is not one of these.        In a world full of techn...

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Tips for Eating Paleo in College
I'm not perfect at all but I've been in college for a little over a month now and I think I've figured out some good tricks to still enjoy college life and to feel good at the same time...                          Keep healthy dry snacks in your room  My go...
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