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XCollar Plus - Cervical Spine Splinting Technology
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Check out this recent article calling for a reevaluation of conventional c-spine methods:

Definitely worth the read and consideration!
Formasem personnel perform a cliffside rescue field demonstration using the NeXsplint Plus cervical spine splinting system. 

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Pedro Barranco and T.E.S. return again for another exciting demonstration of how they respond to a "critically injured" prone patient in the aftermath of an earthquake. 

After entering and searching a semi-collapsed building in the middle of night, they perform spine immobilization procedures on the prone patient using the XCollar cervical spine splinting system before evacuating from the building.

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Formasem Formación Google+:

Directed by: Pedro Barranco


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Watch Dr. Dan O'Leary introduce the practice of #CervicalSplinting along with #XCollar Inventor Martin Rizo Patron during an in-service meeting at Charlotte County EMS (Florida):
Our friends in Mexico practicing their XCollar application skills. Feel free to check out our friend's site for the XCollar, NeXsplint, and more EMS supplies: 
This album shows our progress around the world and in the US over the past 3 years. Interested in bringing the XCollar to your country? Visit us at for more information.
Dereck Rizo Patron demonstrates how to properly prepare and apply the XCollar cervical spine splint on a pediatric patient.

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Music Credits: Onra - Take A Ride — at Dallas, Texas.
Watch as Pedro Barranco and T.E.S. personnel in Spain field demonstrate an excellent river rescue; performing a cervical spine immobilization and patient extrication procedure using the XCollar splinting system and the Anaconda extrication device. 

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Formasem Formación Google+:

Directed by: Pedro Barranco

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Borja Santamaria
Xaro Terrades
Marlise Defferrarad
Ramiro Bonastre
Esther Colubi
Andres Seresola

Filmed in Pego (Alicante), Spain
The New Paradigm of Cervical Spine Management
The XCollar Plus is a cervical spine splinting system which replaces both conventional C-Collars AND HeadBlocks, Sta-Blocks, towels, and tape, etc.

The XCollar Plus is designed to splint the Cervical Spine by securing the head to the torso of the patient above C-1 and below C-7; on two points anterior and two points posterior. This splinting system utilizes bi-lateral and vertical adjustments to obtain a customized fit for both the desired circumference and height of large adult and small pediatric patients; working to increase patient safety by minimizing potential Cervical Spinal distraction and injury.

An important feature of the XCollar Plus is the Integrated Head Restraint System (HRS), which replaces the use of head blocks, towels, or tape. 

Each XCollar Plus is equipped with one HRS consisting of an integrated set of Velcro straps which are used with the XCollar Plus to secure the patient to the backboard; minimizing lateral and vertical movement. The HRS also includes a height-adjustable Occipital Support Pad to ensure proper patient spinal alignment.

  • Capable of customizing to fit patient body types ranging from pediatric (approx. 22 lbs) to extra-large adult (approx. 360+ lbs).

  • Splints the cervical spine in the "Position of Comfort", or Position Found.

  • The adjustable, integrated Head Restraint System (HRS) eliminates the need for head blocks, towels, and tape, while minimizing vertical and lateral patient movement during transport.

  • Occipital Support Pad is adjustable in 1/2-inch increments for up to 2 inches.

  • Oversized trachea opening allows for carotid pulse checks, advanced airway procedures, and easy visual assessment.

  • Latex-free materials are radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.

  • Available in Clear and High-Visibility Orange.

  • Free Online Training Center 

  • Now used in over 36 countries worldwide.

  • To purchase or receive more information regarding this product, please click here.
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