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Chris Olsen
Husband, Father, Friend, Recruiting Specialist, and Aspiring Photographer
Husband, Father, Friend, Recruiting Specialist, and Aspiring Photographer
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So I have my google Home Tied into 4 google audio devices, and 3 google chrome cast devises and it is working good with the general set up out of the Google Home App. however I am working on creating an API.AI assistant to allow me a bit more freedom.

However... The only issue is i am getting a loop on what I want to play. I have been able to get it to play specific songs, artists or playlists in a designated area in the API, however I am trying to set it up as a required field that will allow me the flexibility to choose between artist, playlist, or song, and i am having issues where it is now asking "What would you like to play". (any thoughts)

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Thing I'll pull this out of retirement for the day.
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this is cool
This Ludicrous New Instrument Makes Music with 2,000 Marbles | Colossal

'Swedish musician Martin Molin has long had experience with esoteric instruments like the glockenspiel, traktofon, or Theremin, but he may have topped his musical prowess with the invention of his own new instrument: the Wintergartan Marble Machine, a hand-cranked music box loaded with instruments including a circuit of 2,000 cascading steel marbles. As the devices cycles it activates a vibraphone, bass, kick drum, cymbal and other instruments that play a score programmed into a 32 bar loop comprised of LEGO technic parts. The marbles are moved internally through the machine using funnels, pulleys, and tubes.'

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Want to learn some awesome skills... here is a good place to start.

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Google+ /
1. New Google+ >
2. Get started with G+ Collections:
3. Get started with G+ Communities:
4. G+ Help Community >
5. Google+ Collections - Community:
6. Google+ Collections - Support Center:
7. G+ updates on all platforms >
8. YouTube >
9. Branding Guidelines >
10. Google+ For Work >
11. Google+ Growth: 2.7 BILLION accounts >
12. Policies for Google+, Hangouts & Photos >

Google+ Collections (How To)
13. How to create a Collection: 
14. How to customize your Collection:
15. How to create a post in a Collection:
16. How to reshare a post to a Collection:
17. How to move an existing post to a Collection:
18. How to Pin a Post to a Collection:
19. Tips for Creating a Featurable Collection:
20. Tips for using Google+ Collections:
21. Advanced Tips for Google+ Collections:

22. The Future Of Google+ ->
23. Video Guide To The New Google+ >
24. The New Google+: Tutorial >
25. Google+ keyboard shortcuts >
26. The New Google+ - Part 1 >
27. The New Google+ - Part 2 >
28. What Marketers Need To Know >
29. Build Your Business With G+ Communities >
30. The Great "Google+ Goldrush" of 2016 is on:

Google+ Tools:
31. +Steady Demand ->
32. +CircleCount ->
33. +Friends+Me ->
34. +Circloscope ->

. Preview #4 >
. Preview #3 >
. Preview #2 >
. Preview #1 >

II. Android
. Update #2 >
. Update #1 >

. Update #3 >
. Update #2 >
. Update #1 >

IV. Other
. Google+ Acessibility >
. Plus Ones Restored >
. Google+ Activity Log >

Any Requests? Ask Here ->

#Googlepedia #GooglePlus #NewGooglePlus #PlusOnly                      

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This weekend, we’re letting you download ESO for PC and Xbox One so you can play with your friends for free! Read all the details here:

Looking to set up a 1v1 PvP event for my guild with another guild from AD or DC. If anyone is interested please let me know.

We are Running;
XBox, NA Server, E. Pact 

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Or any truth to this one?

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Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
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