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Change Brightness of Screen in Ubuntu
xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 0.9

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Find Last Message FROM All Users
 Query to find out the last message from all users in conversation select messages.message_text, messages.sender_uuid, messages.receiver_uuid, messages.add_date  FROM messages  INNER JOIN ( SELECT  MAX(add_date) AS time, IF(`receiver_uuid` = '1',  `sender_u...

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download,,geoipregionvars.php,GeoLiteCity.dat from   put in geoip named folder include("application/libraries/geoip/"); include("application/libraries/geoip/

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Mysql, Query to find out table comments?
Here is the Simple Query to find out Comments on Table SELECT a.COLUMN_NAME, a.COLUMN_COMMENT
FROM information_schema.COLUMNS a

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Export Data From Server Using Terminal
To Export Data from Terminal Use Following Command : mysql -p -u databasename > databasename.sql To Import Data from Terminal Use Following Command : mysql -p -u databasename < databasename.sql

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Copy Data from server to localhost using ssh
 First Of all compress the file using following command tar -cf name.tar name_of_folder To copy a compressed folder from the server use following command scp :/filepath/file.txt /some/localhost/folder scp :/var/html/p...

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Get Mysql Query Count
This Query will return the count of queries fired in database   mysqladmin ext | grep -e 'Com_\(update\|select\|insert\)'

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Php: Generate Captcha Secure Image
global $image;     $_SESSION['count'] = time();         $image              = imagecreatetruecolor(200, 50) or die("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream");     $background_color   = imagecolorallocate($image, 255, 255, 255);     $text_color         = image...

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Cakephp: Insert Query In Loop
If You are Using $this->Model->save() in  LOOP then this will not work. TO overcome this issue simply add Add this before save this will move the cursor to a new Line and then insert again. $this->Model->create() $this->Model->save()

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Cakephp: Debugging Query in Cakephp
$log = $this->Model->getDataSource()->getLog(false, false); debug($log);
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