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Interesting and impressive! Simultaneously though, many citizens are stuck in the small cage... So we'll see how useful this is. 
Here's some interesting science for your day. Remember that famous experiment that rats, once addicted to heroin, will keep pushing the lever to get more heroin, no matter what, until they die? The experiment that gets cited all the time in DARE and similar anti-drug classes as proof that, if ever you touch drugs, you will instantly die a horrible death? Turns out that it's not that simple.

The rats in Goldstein's original study lived in small, cramped cages. Bruce Alexander of Simon Fraser University decided to test if that had something to do with it, and so built "Rat Park," a facility 200 times the size of a standard laboratory cage, occupied by 16-20 rats of both sexes, with food, balls and wheels to play on, and all the things you need in life to be a normal rat. It turns out that rats in this environment -- even when they had been deliberately dosed with morphine for 57 days in a row prior to putting them into the rat park, something which you would think is pretty certain to create addiction -- preferred ordinary water to water laced with morphine. The control group of rats, kept in small cages, still loved the drugs.

So it turns out that the relationship between drugs and addiction isn't as simple as "you take it, you're hooked on it, then you die." Rats locked in a small prison cell and given nothing but morphine for entertainment do, rather unsurprisingly, get pretty seriously into drugs -- but given the choice between being continuously stoned and having an actual rat life, most rats would prefer to just be rats. And importantly, this is true even for rats who had already taken plenty of drugs; apparently, most rats don't consider this to be the be-all and end-all of rodent existence.

Which isn't really surprising; after all, if people didn't overall prefer not to be on drugs than to be on drugs, our society would be a lot more high than it is. I mean, if you're reading this right now -- are you feeling an urge for some smack? Are you thinking, "why am I reading yet another one of Yonatan's posts, when I could be shooting up?"

It's possible that you are, in which case I should probably pep up my writing style. But if you aren't, then here's some science to help clarify why.

Edited to add: +Harald Wagener provided a link to an excellent comic by Stuart McMillen telling you much more about the Rat Park experiment:

via +Aleatha Parker-Wood and +Chris Wassman.

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Interesting. Also, the math error is funny (42% + 32% + 31%) #cloudcomputing   #zdnetfail

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Man, that open Youtube interface... So nice on WP8, huh?

I feel like Google should take this article down because Google's looking pretty hypocritical here. Not like Microsoft's ever done the same or anything, but "Don't be evil" seems quite suspect right now.

Linux gaming is a bad joke. First we get a bunch of well-optimized engines, but no games using the engine or no games brought over with the engine.

Then, we're teased Metro: Last Light, a game based on a terrible proprietary engine that no one knew was ported or being ported. What gives? The irony... 

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A bit of a long shot, but one must dream...

Disclosure: my perfect tablet doesn't exist; this describes what would need to happen to make it possible.

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Yay, it might actually feel premium this time! Still might end up buying Vivaldi, once that hits, instead. 
A new Nexus 10, this time made by Asus, is set to arrive soon

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I wish.

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Already been commented enough on already, but seriously EA? We know FB3 is inefficient, but if it can run on the PS3 fixed-shading architecture and overall weak graphics hardware by today's standards, the Wii U is more than capable of FB3, at higher quality.

Lazy developers all-around. Wii U might even tie the Next XBox (if Microsoft isn't delaying to upgrade above the rumored specs).

Still, glad this doesn't affect me as a PC and PS3 user. So much for guaranteed compatibility with consoles!

Having some issues with ktp: my Google talk accounts won't connect anymore, and reregistering them doesn't help. My FB via jabber works, and empathy can connect to my gtalk accounts.

Tips? I'm on Kubuntu 12.10 latest patches, x64. Will post other details if necessary 

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Locked hardware, out you go.
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