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+3D Printing Nerd​ for the big mama jamma you have, have you tried using a stand? You may be able to use this:

Just use the legs upside-down. Need to get some bolts to make it work though.

+Barnacules Nerdgasm Do you know of any 3D printers that use a material similar to sintered metal? Not the spool stuff that is mostly plastic... I almost feel that the type of printer you have (FormLabs?) would work with dull / not shiny metals. Some sort of weird chemical thermal reaction with a solution?

+JayzTwo Cents​ hey.. quick question. Is it possible/feasible to build a closed loop with two 1080 hybrids in SLI config?

Loop config:
H320 x2 (without CPU block)
2 EVGA 1080 hybrid cards
Replacement fittings, tubing, etc.

Thinking of using Bitspower quick disconnects to maybe allow this to be modular.

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Care to give this a whack, +AvE ?

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So some teenager went and flipped her ride.. and not in the "I made an assload of money" way. I really don't envy her dad right now. Thankfully they got out with bruises and a few fractures it seems.

I have a question for yah: What are the tolerances on the Panasonic lithium cells in that thing? Wouldn't they go "boom!" with enough heat and/or pressure?

Only reason I ask is because the PDF Google pointed me to said something along the lines of, "we are not required to make an MSDS for our batteries." 

Question: would an Android Wear desk clock / device charger sell well, or even be allowed by Google?

+HTC​ please make the m10:

★Have a removable metal battery/maintenance door.
★Hex / Allan screws to secure. Gasket for IP67.
★NFC / Qi charging bult into HTC shaped antennas for 3 position charging.
★Knurled and anodized aluminum.
★Dual purpose optical trackpad / fingerprint reader

Trying to get some information for a smart watch I am interested in starting a crowd funding project for.

Basically I want to know if Google would allow api level access to Android wear for non Android wear devices. The reason I ask this is I am researching the potential for a watch that doesn't have an LCD, but uses a lot of features from Android wear.

Some stuff like OK Google, etc are (I assume) hard to access on a wearable without AW. I am aware that headsets, etc can do this but there are reasons I think going through AW would be better.

I know I wouldn't be able to use the branding, but that doesn't matter.

+Crosstalk Solutions Question for you: Have you ever done a DECA / DirecTV (Genie) compatible setup? If so, could you do a video on it? I have 2 UAP-AC-Pros inbound from a reseller and would like to cover a possible blind spot with a AC-lite (these guys are going in low TX mode for certain reasons.)

+Google Developers​​ +Sundar Pichai​ Do you guys have any plans to publish all or part of the api Android wear uses?

I would hope in the interest of furthering an open ecosystem that a public api be made available for wearables.
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