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Sexy and I know it - Cantina Style! #Geek  

Best thing about #Euro2012 is that there isn't any "bad" teams like at the world cup. Every game has the potential to be a great game and no-one is guaranteed an easy ride.

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Slightly random I know, but been reading about this and im baffled to hell.

"We all agreed that if world ranking and success in tournaments were the only selection criteria, then Aaron would be selected as he's an outstanding athlete who could get gold at the Olympics."

Erm, surely that should be a pretty damn big part of the criteria. World no.1 or world no.59, who would you have representing your nation?

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Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars. Idiots, they could have downloaded it for free.

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I actually laughed out loud at this one...

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Goose army in Ghent, Belgium

Old but hadn't seen it until now. My life has meaning at last.

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I love this.
Love, love, LOVE it.
(shared on Twitter by @Trillian_01)

After a week of having to stay with the in-laws (who to be fair are actually nice people) we finally got back into our house today.

You never realise how essential central heating and hot water are until you dont have them!
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