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Case Report: Cessna - His tail's not all it's cracked up to be...
Cessna This handsome 8 year old came to see us for the first time
in May, this year, with a particular tale to tell. His owners had found him on
April 18 th , with an injured tail and a trail of blood through the
house, leading back to their daughter’s bedr...

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Case Report: Tangled Newborn Kittens
Being a veterinarian can be very humbling, sometimes, because no matter how long a veterinarian practices, there is still the likelihood that each day, they may see something they have never seen before. Exclusively Cats Veterinary Hospital has been around ...

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Feline Hyperthermia: Is summer too hot to handle?
The weather this spring and summer has been
extremely hot and humid this year, while little rain has fallen. During these
“ dog days ”, pets are at high risk for
hyperthermia and dehydration. Humans have the ability to sweat and the
knowledge that it’s time...

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Meet our Holiday Kitties: Snickers and Skittles!
SNICKERS AND SKITTLES Snickers (orange and white)age 16.5, 10lbs & Skittles (white) age 14.5, 13 lbs. Skittles has one green and one blue eye. Both are Russian Siberians They have been patients with Exclusively Cats since they were kittens.  Mommy adopted...

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Esophagostomy tubes (E-tubes) and cats
 There are a number of reasons that a veterinarian might recommend the placement of an esophagostomy tube or e-tube if your cat is ill. The most common reason to place a tube is due to poor appetite - whether from pancreatitis or cancer or other illness. Ot...

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Meet Mr. October: Ahote
Ahote Ahote has a very special story - we didn't just pick an orange cat because it is October and the leaves are changing colors. Ahote was brought to us in September as a stray cat that one of our clients had noticed hanging around for a number of weeks. ...

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Alphabet Soup at the Veterinary Hospital: What do all those letters mean?
Some people have asked about all the letters after the names of some of our doctors , so we thought we would clear up some of the confusion about what they mean. DVM/VMD - Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Medical Doctor - Veterinarians who have comp...

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Meet our September Cat of the Month: Marley!
  Marley   Age: 16 months Breed: Snowshoe  Gender: Neutered Male  Demeanor at the vet: Sweet, maybe a little timid Last checkup - August 27th: Healthy young adult cat! Marley is a very energetic, very friendly & snuggly cat! He loves playing & wrestling wit...

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Meet our August Cat of the Month, Fergus!
FERGUS Fergus is a little 2 year old orange tabby that we first got to meet a few weeks ago. He is a big city cat from New York City, and has what has been diagnosed as a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This is a condition that affects the developm...
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