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David Nelson
I am a writer and storyteller
I am a writer and storyteller


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This is the REAL impact "Rump" will have for generations. The entire election has been a 'perfect storm" for destroying America. Just wait, you friggin' Republicans, you too will regret voting for this asshole.

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Beautiful rendition of a popular song.

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Only in TN

My poem I wrote today.


I’m a mere speck in a world that is filled with hostility
And you, my friend, are my stability.

When waves of sadness come over me and threaten to destroy,
You protect me and that inner, little boy.

With you as my rock, I can face all danger when it’s here.
Crashing all around me, yet I see answers clear.

As I stand and face the day my feet planted on craggy shelf.
The rock of which I write about is my love for inner self.

David Nelson

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My drawing for this week. This was created using pen & ink. "Flower in a Vase"

Today's "Alternative Fact": I look great naked.

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The 1st thing he did was to hurt homeowners

Heading to the mountains alone where I rented a cabin for two days this week to work on my self, meditate, write and focus. I think a new door opened and I shall see.

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Hiked to Abrams Falls today! I was laser focused on one item in my mind to complete the five mile hike.
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No surprise and about time women attacked him in court.
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