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Sarit Yahalomi
Books , Coffee, Biology, art, and good humor
Books , Coffee, Biology, art, and good humor

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Leprechauns: At the End of the Rainbow Lies Richness for Irish Folklore
Featured Image: A Leprechaun’s hat. ( Albund  | Those
little men all dressed in green, obsessed with rainbows and treasure,
trickery, and of course shoe-making. These are all common perceptions
today regarding the famous characters from I...

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The nature and danger of the legendary Kobold
Featured image: An artist’s depiction of kobolds. Source: Forgotten Realms Wiki In ancient folklore, the kobold is a small, pointy-eared, goblin-like creature with a short-temper and a mischievous spirit. While generally described as well-intentioned, an...

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Philadelphia Recipe, Espresso and vanilla panna cotta
in Share Ingredients for 6 60 ml strong black coffee 25 g caster sugar 200 ml whipping cream 25 g caster sugar 0.5 vanilla pod, split or 1 tsp vanilla essence 225 g Philadelphia Lightest 1 tsp powdered gelatine dissolved in 1 Tbsp boiling water Instructions...

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Deals ans Free fantasy kindle ebooks...
* Wolf Rampant Box Set: A Fantastical Werewolf Adventure (Deal, Not Free)  by  Aimee Easterling . Price: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy Box Set Deal, Sponsor, USA Today Bestselling Author, Urban Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Fairy Tales. Rated: 4.8 stars on 17 Reviews. ...

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The Power of an orange...
"In this awesome photograph by Caleb Charland, we see an LED located inside sliced wedges of an orange. The cool part is that the LED is powered by the orange itself. As Caleb explains: “Recently one Sunday I spent the day at the kitchen table playing with ...

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Lessons from the Hidden World: Icelanders believed in elves, but it is probably not what you think
Top Image: Haunting and beautiful Middle-Earth-like elves by artist (Araniart/ CC BY 3.0 ) Icelanders believe in elves. They refuse to begin major construction projects unless they consult with elves first. They lobby their politicians on behalf of elf colo...

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Quote of the day

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9 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women
This article first appeared on .   In this fast-paced business world, female leaders need to make sure they’re not perceived as pushy, aggressive or competent. One way to do that is to alter your leadership style to account for the (som...

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Color Psychology: How Big Brands Use Colors in Advertising and Marketing
When it comes to the way a brand presents itself to the world, there are no accidents. In most cases, every logo and talking point is carefully considered, ruthlessly focus-grouped, and closely analyzed before it’s presented to the public.   One of the most...

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Dragons: Exploring the Ancient Origins of the Mythical
One of the most popular and persistent characters of the human mythos is that of the dragon. Whether it is a gold hoarding serpent or fire-breathing giant, dragons continue to fascinate and entertain people around the world. Yet where did the idea of these ...
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