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I craft the web.

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Really thought provoking article.

I wonder though, if the same questions that were asked to the Americans here were asked to those countries with equal distribution ( like sweden), if the results would be similar. Would people abroad want wealth distribution like the U.S.? Is the grass greener? 

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Haha, I like this guy. Way to live in the moment!

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An infographic about the educational system in Nordic Europe compared to the US

I have to say, in a lot of countries in the EU higher education is if not free, very cheap in places. France comes to mind, as well as Germany. And in the UK the system works wonderfully, with students able to borrow from the state and not forced to return the money until they've found employment (either there or abroad, with the sum of the salary dictating the amount they should return per month, etc.). It isn't as rosy in the UK since fees have gone up last year, but before that it was wonderful. It still isn't a bad deal.

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Wow, great photo. Even better story.
While waiting for this sunset in Hawaii, I watched two people cliff dive down into the water here. They couldn't get back in and ended up waving and calling to me for help. I called 911 and a lifeguard came out and saved them... So who said waiting for a sunset is a waste of time? I helped save two lives and got a good photo :-)  (Btw, the guy who dove off the cliff had a GoPro in his hand.. He's got his jump and rescue all on his camera.)
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