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Final Listening Lab Blog Assignment !
1.  Write a list of listening skills that you learned about from each of the units that we studied.  Unit 1- identifying main ideas Sometimes main idea is not stated directly so we can t ry to find main idea by finding some clues. Unit 2 - making inferences...

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Assignment 9 - Music Video
Why are you sharing this song?      When I were in junior high school, one of my favorite activities is to go to record store. Now i still enjoy exploring CDs in record store(but there are not many record store in Taipei now, what a pity!) I bought a lot of...

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Assignment 7 - TV Commercial in English
What is happening in the commercial? At first a man is in the bathroom, and he ask us to look at our man, after looking our man we need to look back him again. He said that although our man can not be like him but if hi switched his body wash to the old spi...

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Animal Documentary-Kiwi
Why am I sharing this documentary? I am going to be a exchange student in New Zealand next semester, so when I am searching the informations of New Zealand, I knew about kiwi, the New Zealand's special creature. When I saw the assignment is to find a docume...


好久沒彈的吉他 只能在角落生灰塵 

哎呀 多希望煩惱只留在今天

2013/10/18   質數的孤獨

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