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Blurbs We Rarely Read
Blurbs We Rarely Read

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The Insane Battle Between a Non Sentient Machine and Myself
                         Warning: I am deeply caffeine deprived. I've been wracking
my brain all morning to think of something to say about some of the
books that I've been reading. It's been a few blogs since I've given
a book review so I thought that it ...

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Snowpocalypse in a Hippy Town
Growing up, snow
days were these mythical moments that happened to other children, but
never to us. If there was a dusting of snow, we'd maybe get a late
start at school and once every five years or so, they would cancel
classes because of black ice. Look...

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London Bridge is Falling Down: The City of WhoLock
  I could describe how the Tower of London isn't really a
tower at all, or try to explain to you the slightly offensive man that hangs
out in Trafalgar Square with a hawk.  I
could tell you about the Underground and explain the unique scent that bellows fro...

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Be with some one who loves you for who you are and makes you a better person.. 

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Shades of Grey - Not to be confused with the uninspired Twilight fanfiction
Publicity shot: Jasper Fforde Shades of
Grey By Jasper
Fforde *** 5/5 stars How can you not like a book that was published in a color by number, limited edition hardback? Okay, so I have been in a
bit of a boo...

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World War Z by Max Brooks
I liked this book.
I really really did. Zombies that actually become scary is a
rare commodity in this world and let me tell you, when you live
alone, and you have cats with a penchant to knock things over
unexpectedly, this book becomes terrifying. Told p...

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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
3/5 * Children fighting
a battle well beyond their years, taken from their homes before they
even really got the chance to live, thrust into a world that makes
them adults quicker than they ever should. Ender's Game has
some harsh topics worthy of explora...

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Battling the Apocalypse with Sweatshirts and Off Brand Jeans
Something has been
bothering me lately. Morning routine doesn't consist of much for me
because honestly, I love my sleep. I'm not going to get up an hour
and a half early to put on make up or do my hair or countless other
things that I can't think of but ...

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October Book Reads
If you've noticed,
I did skip September mainly because I was behind on my reading
choices for moths prior and I was honestly just tired of reading.
Those moods hit me every once in a while where books are more of a
chore than anything else. It takes a rea...
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