Welcome to #TheHunt - The “Other” Photo Scavenger Hunt - for October
by +Shaun McLane  and +Brendan Farrell 

Are you bored? Want to be less bored?

If "yes", I've organized a game for you for this month. The object of the game is to go out and do stuff. Interesting and different stuff.

The Hunt is back, and crazier than ever! If you’ve played before, you know the rules. If you’re new to #TheHunt , it couldn’t be easier.


1. Print or save a copy of the following list. These are the items you need to take pictures of.

2. Do your best to try to get every picture on the list. You have all month. Don’t worry if you can’t get them all...you’ll still have fun getting the ones you can.

3. When taking a picture, try to include some sort of sign that says #TheHunt in it. Bonus points (not really) for creativity here.

4. Once you have the picture, post it and include TWO hashtags. The first one is #TheHunt , and the second is the same hashtag but include the number of the picture you took. Ex. #TheHunt41 . This helps filter the images.

5. When you post the photo, make sure you include the name of the item. This will help people who don't have the list in front of them.

That’s it!

Perfect Example Post: http://i.imgur.com/8iDiW.jpg

I told you it was easy.

Here are the items needed for the Photo Hunt:

A picture of you...
1. Juggling in public
2. On an exercise machine eating junk food
3. Picking up litter on the side of the road
4. With a rescue cat or dog - include details how someone can adopt the animal (shelter contact info)
5. Wearing an article of clothing meant for the opposite gender
6. In a tree
7. Doing a handstand
8. Riding a mechanical bull
9. Going down a slide
10. Kissing a friend on the nose
11. Your reflection in a window
12. With a drag queen
13. On an escalator
14. In the back of a pick up truck
15. On a scooter or a motorcycle
16. In or standing next to a limo
17. With cake on your face
18. Posing with an Abercrombie and Fitch (or other store) model
19. In or riding a shopping cart
20. In a ridiculous Halloween costume
21. Getting a haircut
22. In or in front of a haunted house
23. Facing your biggest fear
24. Scratching off a scratch-off lottery ticket
25. Skydiving

A picture of...
26. A stranger dancing
27. A bride
28. An outdoor stairway
29. A swing hanging from a tree
30. A pier
31. Something that begins with the letter X
32. A red stapler
33. What you’re having for dinner
34. Cemetery angel
35. Something you collect
36. Your favorite ice cream at the grocery store
37. A face or gargoyle on a building
38. A musical instrument that isn’t a guitar or piano
39. The view right outside your front door
40. A sunset over a lake or body of water
41. A living spider
42. Three garden gnomes together
43. Origami that you created
44. The oldest cellphone you can find
45. An old audio/cassette tape
46. A homeless person holding up a sign that says Will Work For Food - then buy him/her a meal
47. The coolest looking house you can find
48. A person from a mall kiosk holding their product
49. Your local public transportation
50. Large #thehunt sign hanging over a road, on a walkway or bridge

Printable List: http://i.imgur.com/HUGTF.png
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