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Create #Content your customers crave 
"No longer does your audience want a three course meal of content, rather, they are looking to consume bite-size pieces of information..."

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#Honesty makes you wealthy in the ways that count. #Trust #Friendship #PeopleSkills 
If you live your life honestly and truthfully, you'll be open and transparent, which leads to trust. And trust leads to friendship. This is something worth taking into account, that the basis of friendship is trust not money and warm-heartedness is essential if we are to live happy lives.

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The new G+ 
+Google+ /
New Google+ >
. Start here >
. Community >
. Google+ Safety Center >
. YouTube >
. Discover Google+ >
. Google+ Tips & Tricks' Collection >
. Google+ Brands >
. Branding Guidelines >
. Insights:
. Partner Playbook >
. Partner Playbook Audio-Visual Guide:
. Google+ For Work >
. Google+ Growth: 2.5 BILLION accounts >
. Policies for Google+, Hangouts & Photos >

. Get Help In Google Product Forums >
. Google Pocket Book ->
. Google Collection ->


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Interesting move by #Google with the new #YouTube offering. Will subscription fees offset ad revenue and how will this affect your #marketing strategy? 
Last week YouTube launched a new service called YouTube Red; which allows subscribers to watch YouTube without having to watch any ads.  The service will also provide other features, such as the ability to download content to your device so that you can…

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The #Automotive consumer journey has changed... have you? 

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Brilliant hack for #Google #photos
I think I've cracked the code!
1. Upload full size to Google Photos (will shrink to new 16 MP max)
2. Add to a new album - it's going to be a private throwaway album.  I'm calling mine "Holding Pattern Alpha"
3. Use the share box on Google+ to choose from your Google Photos, find your throwaway album.
4. Once you've chosen the photo add it to the album you really want it in via the drop down.

Result: High resolution photo in the album you want keeping the plusses and comments intact.

All this work brought to you by the team of #bokehlicious  bandits comprised of +Leo Deegan +Wesly Smith +Dave Besbris +Robin Griggs Wood +Paul Moody +Wendy Chase +Elizabeth Hahn and more!  Reminding you that Friday's are #bokehlicious
#capecod   #beach   #chatham   #dof  

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Honored that +Jason Stum would share about the power of #community  with the #CarStrong  story at #TLS2015  

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#Integrity  is being true to who you are #Wisdom is being open to learning
#Humilty  is knowing it is all a Gift
Have the courage to learn and humility to change.

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4 yrs ago I wrote an article that I believe will resonate with most of the people in this group. I bared my soul more in this post than any other I've ever written. As an update, the 3 girls I mention came back to us a year later and are now our 3 adopted daughters. I hope you'll take a moment to read it. ‪#‎BeBlessed‬ #PeopleSkills

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I wrote this 4 yrs ago and still feel it deeply. * BTW the 3 girls came back to us and are now our adopted daughters. #Success #Automotive #peopleskills #BetheChange
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