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OSR and More
Shipped Media Mail (Usually $3, will combine shipping)
Paypal Only

AD&D Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide $15
AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide $15
AC11 - D&D The Book of Wonderous Inventions - $20
White Star Hardcover $20
White Star Companion Hardcover $12
DL1 - Dragonlance Dragons of Despair (3 hold punched) $10
UK3 - The Gauntlet (3 Hole Punched) $10
Castles & Crusades Player’s Handbook Hardcover (Kickstarter) $20
Realms of Crawling Chaos (Lab Lord) $12
Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands (Lab Lord) $10
Chronicles of Amherth (Lab Lord) $7
Arc of Fire 20th Century Skirmish rules (2 copies, one signed) $20 for both

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This specialist game similar to Necromunda featured ork mobz fighting over scrap in a mad max style desert landscape and it focused on vehicular combat.

Everything from the box set plus metal (and decently painted) Nob and Spanner models.

The scrap counters have been modeled with GW bitz and sand for a nice 3D look, ready for paint.

The trukks and trakks have been painted metal-ly, ready for grime/detail work.

6 of the 12 boys have been painted to a decent level and the others are primed / base coated.

The fort - I have built it and modeled it to card, with sand and such, ready for painting. That makes this trickier to ship, would need a big box. We can work all that out if you are interested in purchasing.

Asking $125 + shipping.

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Over in the Goblin Emporium Community

I am selling 2 full WWII Armies.

A platoon of US Army along with 3 Shermans, an M7, Halftrack and Jeeps

Almost two platoons of Germans including a Panther, Tiger, Halftrack, Kubelwagons, bikes , artillery, panzershrek teams, mortars....

Asking $150 each

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Tubes of WWII Russian army men "Army Guys" by d&d distributing

I ran a session of Maze Rats at Origins 2017. I converted the D&D 4E adventure that Chris Perkins ran for the Robot Chicken creators (Can be found on youtube). The group had a good time - here are a few take aways.

1. Danger Rolls are great: I stuck true to the intent of the game and only had them roll dice when actual danger existed. They really liked this. They started getting more descriptive in their actions and appreciated the honesty and speed of play as a I revealed things as they explored.

2. Danger Rolls Usually Fail: The odds are, if they roll they are going to fail. Players need to actively seek advantage in every roll or they will soon perish. As a GM, I should bake in possibilities for advantage for those who are keen in looking for them.

3. Combat is Deadly: RAW, characters cannot last long in combat. So either combat needs to be less frequent than in other more traditional RPGs or there needs to be opportunity for healing provided, affecting game pace. Again, finding advantage is key - so the players should be observant and the GM creative.

4. Spells are Fun: The players loved the interpretive spells. I gave my spellcasters two starting spells because one spell a day isn't fun for convention play. Every player commented that they would want an option to remember a spell for use again, but appreciated the randomness too.

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Bottom of RPG now... REPRESENT!

What font is the MAZE RATS title in?

Two things I am house ruling for my own games of Maze Rats.

Health - Add STR Bonus to Starting Health.

New Path - "Hospitaler" Healing, Treatment of Poisons, Diseases,

If a Hospitaler path character is present and able to assist when a character is forced to make a Danger Roll due to a poison or disease, that character gains advantage.


"Take a Breather" - after a battle or other injury, you can restore one health if given a few minutes rest. If there is no opportunity for a break, no healing possible. This can only be applied when new damage is taken (you can't rest to gain health back from previous injuries).

"Make Camp" - Bump the meal and night's rest to 2 health gained.

Just realized, race is never addressed in MR character creation (Which makes sense given the simplicity and trope-free nature of the system. How have you tackled the issue in your games?

Would you make a campaign specific random table and grant certain advantages and disadvantages?
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