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The Ugly Sweater
Roo is my elf all year round.   If I'm cooking, he's chopping. If I'm crafting, he's gluing.   If Kelly is fixing, he's hammering.   So when his class announced a:  "Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest."  I knew he'd be all hands-on. Everyday he would ge...

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Wanted: Activity Director
On Sunday we dropped Annie off at Bible camp. I miss that girl like crazy! See Annie is our family activities director. She keeps the boys busy all day long. So now... Guess who is the new activities director by default. Yep, me. We've been writing her lett...

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Just the Way It's Supposed to Be
Bo had his first baseball game tonight. Baseball season is my favorite. I can just sit in the sunshine and cheer for my baby. Oh yeah no...I mean I chase my baby... ...and Kit sits in my chair and soaks up the sunshine. This year Bo's team is the Grasshoppe...

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A Good Deal
Toinght, I dropped Annie off at her cousin's college dorm  & headed to home to a house filled with boys.  Bo has a friend sleeping over so I'm outnumbered 7-1. I heard Kelly shouting out the front door, "Bo!  Put that saw away! You can't cut off our tree li...

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Newest Addition...
Our journey to a dog started a long time ago.   It started with an agreement and a puppy jar. Yes, I was finally ready to get a dog. They had all been waiting for me. Well, over the year that little jar filled up. Every coin and bill they had was stuffed in...

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Valentine Box Day!
It's Valentine Party Day at School. All the big kid's boxes were ready to roll. Annie's  Bo's Rocco's Roo was feeling a little left out and asked for a box.   He wanted a pig. So we went to work.   And we whipped out a pig in 5 minutes flat. And he loves th...

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Hamster Valentine Box Tips
Annie's Hamster Valentine Box Tips I know what you are thinking, "That's a hamster?!  I thought it was a cat!" But my girl wanted a hamster box. So it's a hamster.   Trust me it looked like a hamster in my head before we started.    Lucky you, you can now m...

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Snake Valentine Box Directions
Bo's Cobra Valentine Box Directions Supplies  3 copper pipe insulation  (.97cents a piece) a metal hanger spray paint oatmeal can hot glue gun google eyes cardstock for the tongue Tape the 2 of the 6 feet lengths of insulation together with packaging tape t...

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Rocco's Tarantula Valentine Box
Rocco's  Tarantula Valentine Box Rocco's box took the most time this year.  But he fell in love with the hot glue gun. Supplies 2 large empty "Whipped Topping" containers 2-3 wire hangers 3/4 yard fur google eyes hot glue gun paper for stuffing we used some...

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Yes, we are Crazy
Yesterday, after 3 months of on the job training,  my niece was sworn in as a police officer. Just yesterday she was just our little baby girl,   and now she's a police officer holding  my baby! We are so proud of her! Since we were headed to the police sta...
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