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Dr. Welby Never Had It Like This
An Angry
Dadzilla in a China Shop Hospital Ward Dadzilla has a
new type of appointment. A few times per week he now goes to
hydrotherapy in an attempt to help his breathing. One Tuesday he
goes to the hospital where they offer the hydrotherapy. I thought...

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If I Could Save Dadzilla in a Bottle...
I Had Some
Dreams; They Were Clouds in My Coffee One morning, I
wake up and want to get my cup of coffee for the day. There's a kink
in my plan: Dadzilla is in the kitchen doing who knows what.
Sometimes I can deal with this dilemma, but usually, I'm simp...

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My Kingdom for Some Pepto-Bismol
Is Bliss...But Not for Dadzilla I don't know
if it's my meds or middle-age creeping up on me. Seven days and my
innards are at a standstill. Luckily, I made an appointment on
Friday for Monday in case I'm still having issues, and I am. It's

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Rotary Dial Cell Phone for Elderly
Does It Make Me Old If I Remember Rotary Phones? originally from GeezerPlanet So...I'm not elderly by any standard, but I grew up with a rotary phone in the house.   I never even thought about that until just now.

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Elderly Man Causes Scene at the Beach Because of What's Under His Beach Towel
Elderly Man Just Wants to Float in the Water Originally found at That this cartoon featuring an elderly man at the beach was pretty funny :)

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He Ain't Heavy; He's Dadzilla
As If It
Couldn't Get Any Worse One day
Dadzilla has trouble moving at all. He manages now and then to make
trips to the kitchen. He can even go out to the picnic tables under
the gazebo, but whenever he comes in, he talks about how difficult it
was for h...

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Reminiscences of a Dadzilla Past
Momzilla the
Ostrich I come out of
my room and make like I'm headed for the hall bathroom. I hear the
door and Dadzilla. Is he coming or going? He's going, because I
hear the rustle of a garbage bag. I wonder if he's just going to
take the garbage out o...

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Life According to Dadzilla
It's All Chinese to Me It's another one of those evenings. I'm hungry and
don't feel like waiting for Dadzilla to go to bed before I enter the
kitchen. I decide on a bowl of cereal because I don't like the
frozen dinner situation. It's been almost six fr...

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The Walls May Not Have Ears, but the Mail Has Feet
Too Many
Dadzillas Spoil the Broth I hate going
to the kitchen when Dadzilla is awake. This is why he doesn't think
I can cook. I seldom make anything from scratch if he's around. I
had to learn how to cook. I was a vegetarian for over five years in

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My Own Private Ida-Hell
Escape from Apartment 196 I'd
really like to know 'WTF'?! Not 3 minutes go by that I finally get
the plastic reclining chair arranged by the community pool on a mild
winter's day, then it goes from peaceful and silent to filled with
cacophonous noises. ...
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