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Cathy Deardoff
A professional educator transitioning to online learning and Web 2.0 blogging
A professional educator transitioning to online learning and Web 2.0 blogging
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Let's Chat about STEM Careers, Media Literacy, and so much more....

The ISTE professional development series help create an understanding of the technology and pedagogy that faces educators in this 21st century. Join us, as ITIP Ohio offers online book discussion of the recently published ISTE book titles. Collaborate with your peers and teaching colleagues to share your reactions to the ISTE selection and to define strategies and implementation of ideas from what you have read. For more information, contact hours, and pricing, check out ITIP Ohio Book Reflections. ITIP Ohio accepts registration from educators throughout the World Wide Web!

Upcoming titles:
Connecting Students to STEM Careers
Online Book Reflections Dates: April 1-15, 2012

Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom
Online Book Reflections Dates: May 1-15, 2012

From Fear to Facebook
Online Book Reflections Dates: June 1-15, 2012

NETS for Administrators: Profiles
Online Book reflections Dates: July 1-15, 2012

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New update to ACE Notebook with the Web 2.0 Tool - Diffens to help students with comparison/contrast. Still in beta, but lots of possibilities.

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Thanks Michelle for sharing this timely information.

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Students enjoy personalizing everything from their notebooks, lockers, to their clothes and hair styles. Bring that love of personalization into the computer lab with a personalized search desktop. A student only needs to login to ShinySearch by selecting a style/interest category and typing his/her name. ShinySearch then produces the Google search page into a customed-designed seach page for the student. Students can use ShinySearch at home, and once customized by their interests and name, save the site as a homepage. As a homepage, ShinySearch provides additional features with a quick link to email accounts, social networking sites, news, and more resource sites. Guaranteed a few adults might like this as a homepage as well. Check out this site and more @ Ace-Notebook.

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Need a new logo for your blog, web site, or for your personal interests? What about those marketing students creating market projects. Look no further...LogoType Maker @

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After a much need holiday break, ACENotebook has a new post--One Word. A great tool for writer's block and brainstorming.

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Still developing, the possibilities of Qwiki are limitless. As advertised, it is truly "An Information Experience." To describe this tool as a search engine, would be a misnomer. You must "experience" it to understand Qwiki.

As Qwiki moves from Alpha to Beta in development, hopefully there will be a filter for educational purposes as some content and images may be too mature for younger students.

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Have you purchased a professional text and wanted to brainstorm or discuss with colleagues the content, yet no one else in your building or district had read the book? Perhaps you read text on integrating technology in the classroom and wanted to explore what educators in other districts or states were doing? Beginning, December 1, 2011, those professional reading challenges can be resolved. ITIP Ohio, an ISTE affiliate, is announcing a new professional development online book discussion of current ISTE titles. For more information and registration, check for complete details. A preview of the discussion site is available at ITIP Ohio Book Chats. Please consider joining us, and perhaps, invite a few colleagues as well, to explore and analyze the decision-making required of educators today.
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