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reviewed 2 months ago
Please come to Korea Zoo. It has amazing animals. Glorious leader taught these animals to read. They will read to you. They also have same haircut as Glorious Leader.
Vincent Chen
reviewed a year ago
While visiting the Dear Leader after defecting out of the capitalist imperialistic society of greediness (America), I visited this zoo, hoping to see animals. Unknown to me I found my Republican neighbor there on his knees, and other pathetic Americans. Unicorns, Flying Spaghetti Monsters, Invisible Humans were abundant around here. Zombies came to life also, when Kim Jong Un touched them-- which basically says he can resurrect anyone. He is our leader, Kim Jong Il bless man this man. Kim-speed.
• • •
Cg K
reviewed a year ago
There are many attractions at this zoo that are great representations of the rich ecological diversity here in North Korea. My two favorites: #1. The Worm Terrarium - Due to the the pace at which worm life moves, it's really worthwhile to spend at least two to three weeks at this exhibit. After about 4 days you can start to see the compost decaying process really take off. This is when the worms truly start going nuts, eating the hell out of those rice husks and orange rinds. It is amazing how the worms actually transform the compost from garbage into a magical brown substance which can then be used to fertilize our Great Leader's fields. #2. The Aviary - This exhibit has the most spectacular display of crows and pigeons that I have ever seen in my life. Now I'm not going to suggest that all of you do this but I'll describe what I did. I was munching on my pinecone crackers and cabbage root mash when it occurred to me that these birds might want to try some of this glorious food that Our Leader has bestowed upon us. I threw some of the mash in there and I saw the most amazing thing, the birds swarmed and ate this stuff with much vigor! This was so exciting because the skinny pigeons at nearby Moranbong Park are usually sleeping! Anyway, it's worth watching if you don't mind giving up your rations for the week. Overall a fantastic place to visit with great opportunities for team-building with your factory comrades or familial unit. Big ups to The Leader for blessing us with this fantastic facility!
• • •
Sunny Wu's profile photo
Sunny Wu
reviewed a year ago
The zoo is very good. It is surprising North Korea has the food to feed the animals, but I guess it is because of their generous citizens who eat a little bit less to keep this place running. One of the best things I like about the zoo is their unicorn exhibit. I found these mythological creatures to be very cool and it was very interesting to see one with my own eyes.
C. Quinn's profile photo
C. Quinn
reviewed a year ago
This zoo contains 17 of every animal in the world. The Great Leader went on a great mission where he took 17 of every animal, with his bare hands, golfing. And Great Leader still scored 11 holes in one. He also took relieved each one of these animals from their native and horrible capitalist home. They are much happier here. The Panda Bear is supreme to all capitalist animals and is four times better and smarter than the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
Bony Maronie
reviewed a year ago
I had no idea it was legal to put capitalist pigs on display! My family had a great time! Popcorn wasn't much to write home about, though. On account of it was actually rat feces, not popcorn.