The usual weekly train ride to work.
The new house is slowly getting into shape
(workshop now has tables and drawers and no longer looks like a pile of card boxes with a table-drill in the middle.
The old one is finally empty and ready for lots and lots of cleaning and a complete painting of all walls.

I guess I can order some black PLA and get back to 3d-printing and CAD after soon.
The titanium-foil, dual-head upgrade and things did survive and are ready to be installed in the weeks after this month ends (because that's the deadline to hand over the old flat).

DSL -internet works well in the new house but only with my old login instead of the one I'm supposed to use. I'm afraid of letting them cut the old line for then this login will no longer work.
Still haven't checked if my static IPv4-range on the DSL -line still works.
(Only one laptop and the router/backup-server are online at the moment.)
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