These seem to be the 2 problems when mounting an #Airtripper extruder  to a #Makibox .
The drive bold is too far down on the shaft of the extruder stepper.
The Airtripper bowden tube is wider.

I should be able to cut an M4 thread into the Airtripper bowden tube and install an M4 nut to holt it  in the hotend like the Makibox bowden tube.

However +Makible seems to have shrunk-fit the drive gear. At least tere is no grub screw to get it off and I can't come up with enough force to move it.
The distance (-9.5mm) looks way too large to overcome by making the base plate of the main airtripper body thinner.
The stepper has a round 5.00mm shaft. Maybe a second drive could be sourced and mounted onto the remaining shaft. But that will take 2 weeks at least. Possibly longer.
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