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I'm thinking about a wide color gamut display for Color Grading in Blackmagic design - Davincy Resolve.

The HP Dreamcolor Z27x (720eur 2048 x 1556)
sems to be more affordable compoared to
the EIZO ColorEdge CG247-BK (1500eur 1.920 x 1.200)
or EIZO ColorEdge CG277-BK (2000eur 2.560 x 1.440).
You save 100-200eur for the calibration device but both need the Ultrastudio Mini Monitor as an added cost factor.

NOT the smaller Z24x (400-550eur 1920x1200) because
* that doesn't calibrate without a PC like the Z27x does and the software only exists for Windows.
* it doesn't have the same kind of panel or the same precision as the Z27x

100% sRGB Coverage
100% Adobe RGB Coverage
100% BT. 709 Color Coverage
99% of DCI-P3 Coverage

I'm planning to use the
Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor
to output 10bit 4:4:4 YUV
since the newer Z27x supports the DreamColor Engine with YUV and not only RGB now and the Mini Monitor is limited to YUV only.

One problem I have is that the cheapest, supported calibration device (HP DreamColor Calibration Solution(B1F63AA)) for the Z27x seems to be half the price of the entire monitor (200eur). :/

A Spider4Pro or Spider4Elite that cold also calibrate my other displays and laptops would not work with the internal LUT of this display. :/

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Has someone tried the Cura 2.6 Beta - Octoprint plugin?

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I didn't notice that the Moto360 gen2 and sport had been discontinued.
After my Moto360 gen1 broke down, I specifically got the Moto360 sport in order to get the Android Wear 2.0 update and develop for Wear 2.0 (I really like the idad of the on watch keyboard option for typing short replies without getting out the large cellphone.)

I'm switching systems.
If anyone is interested in buying one of the following Nikon-F lenses or swapping them for the EF version, please let me know!
Sigma ART 18-38 F1. 8
Sigma ART 50mm F1. 4
Sigma ART 35mm F1. 4
Samyang Cine 35mm
Samyang Cine 85mm
Metabones Speed Booster Micro 4/3 - Nikon-F
Metabones Speed Booster Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera - Nikon-F

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Humanity, we have a problem!

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Apple verbietet Spenden an App-Entwickler, wenn es nicht auch 30% davon bekommt. Das ist so ein Grund, weshalb ich so ein geschlossenes System ablehne. Es mag gegen Viren helfen, aber ich sehe nicht ein, weshalb Apple mitkassieren soll, wenn ich Software auf meinem Smartphone installiere. 

The new Versioning + Issues features in YouMagine look great!

Some idea for further improvement:

* ask users who only upload an STL(+images) if they have forgotten the original design files during the design-creation process, It's probably the one thing that are most often asked for in the comments of designs
* separate files into groups "design documents", "STL", "alternative formats", "images"
* allow markup in descriptions and document what markup is possible

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Sign up for the Visual Positioning Service (VPS) Closed Beta here!

I would like to create one for my University (the University of Western Australia) for a kind of lostoncampus style navigation system.
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