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I'm thinking about a wide color gamut display for Color Grading in Blackmagic design - Davincy Resolve.

The HP Dreamcolor Z27x (720eur 2048 x 1556)
sems to be more affordable compoared to
the EIZO ColorEdge CG247-BK (1500eur 1.920 x 1.200)
or EIZO ColorEdge CG277-BK (2000eur 2.560 x 1.440).
You save 100-200eur for the calibration device but both need the Ultrastudio Mini Monitor as an added cost factor.

NOT the smaller Z24x (400-550eur 1920x1200) because
* that doesn't calibrate without a PC like the Z27x does and the software only exists for Windows.
* it doesn't have the same kind of panel or the same precision as the Z27x

100% sRGB Coverage
100% Adobe RGB Coverage
100% BT. 709 Color Coverage
99% of DCI-P3 Coverage

I'm planning to use the
Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor
to output 10bit 4:4:4 YUV
since the newer Z27x supports the DreamColor Engine with YUV and not only RGB now and the Mini Monitor is limited to YUV only.

One problem I have is that the cheapest, supported calibration device (HP DreamColor Calibration Solution(B1F63AA)) for the Z27x seems to be half the price of the entire monitor (200eur). :/

A Spider4Pro or Spider4Elite that cold also calibrate my other displays and laptops would not work with the internal LUT of this display. :/

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Wiring up a 3d printed case for an Arduino, LCD+Keypad shield, prototype shield (to not solder directly onto the Arduino and 3 old generation Sparkfun AutoDriver boards.
Had do break up the case into 4 parts due to the size. 

Careful. The wiring for the old V10 Sparkfun AutoDriver is incompatible with the new V12 boards. Sparkfun changed the connector orientation and doesn't exactly advertise this fact clearly. Chaining a V13 board with a V10 board or using the wrong cable to connect to boards of the same revision will damage both boards. 

I'm looking for a working MACH3 M06 tool change macro
that I can adapt for the USOVO 105 automatic tool changer spindle and 6 slot tool magazin with pneumatic dust cover.

I can find a lot of forum threads with non-working M06 macros and people looking for help in debugging them but it's hard to find working ones because such people have no unsolved issue and thus no incentive to publish the VB code.

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I just finished this little box.
One one side size the Purelogic PLCM-E3+PLCM-B1 card that controls my CNC (the larger one). It it attached to a touchscreen PC with MACH3 via Ethernet.
On the other side are
* up to 6 end stops (including an inductive homing switch for the rotational A axis), a 3D touch probe and a tool height pobe.

Since the opto isolated inputs of the PLCM-B1 don's supply power, this injects 5V.
All end stop have the same 3 pin DIN connector with GND, 5V and signal. So each can be a mechanicla NO or NC switch, an NPN or PNP sensor or an optical switch.

The 3D touch probe is (N)ormally (C)losed while the tool height probe is (N)ormally (O)pen. Also the touch probe outputs 0.7V when open. Enough to still register as logic "true".
So a CMOS quad-NAND logic gate that is not TTL compatible (to 0.7V is "false") combines both of these probes, inverting one of them and provides a clean 0V/5V input for the probe input signal of the PLCM-B1.

The homing switches are a prerequisite to my current upgrade to a hobby-sized SK15-ER11 automatic tool changing spindle. (The alternative of an SK20 Datrom spindle was too much above my actual needs.)



Android O
"When an app goes into the background, it has a window of several minutes in which it is still allowed to create and use services. At the end of that window, the app is considered to be idle. At this time, the system stops the app's background services, just as if the app had called the services' Service.stopSelf() methods."

So if a service performs a long running as opposed to a periodic action...
e.g. uploading/downloading lots of data or doing a computation that takes a while ... it may be killed by Android???

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Der erste Tag der #NAB2017
...hoffentlich wird endlich ein Nachfolger der Pocket vorgestellt.

First day of #NAB2017
...Hopefully +Blackmagic Design will present a successor to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

First day of #NAB2017
...Hopefully +Blackmagic Design will present a successor to the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
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