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Julia Dunlop
Mainly to be found looking after websites, having holidays in distant lands, compiling cryptic crosswords and walking the dog.
Mainly to be found looking after websites, having holidays in distant lands, compiling cryptic crosswords and walking the dog.

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Sad that my first post to PYB is a cry for help ... I've been waiting for the Google postcard for a client site for months. Is there a way of allowing people to add reviews to a page that isn't yet verified? 

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It's people. In the UK. Hanging out. On air. Cool! 
Google+ is has been dubbed by tech journalists as a ghost town and as Google's failed experiment into social media. Perhaps we should all "get out of here!" before we are all shown to be fools along with the rest of the 300,000+ active users?

Yet the reality for those who have tasted what it's really like on the inside is that there's plenty going on and it's getting better all the time. But is there something we are missing?

Google+ is perhaps the best social networking platform there is (along with being so much more), but maybe those on the outside, don't know what they're are missing because we, on the inside, have not been very good at reaching out to them?

On this episode of The Great British Hangout we will be looking at what we all, as business users on Google+, could be doing about it and also how we can perhaps be better at reaching out to each other. We are delighted to welcome the UK's +Ammon Johns and +Phil Aston to help us cut a path through the "jungle" some think we should get out of and find a way to make Google+ work better for business.

Ammon Johns (Ammon Johns & Co) has been involved in marketing and SEO on the web since 1995 and is well respected for helping businesses to promote themselves better online. SEOMoz's (now Moz) founder, Rand Fishkin, quoted Ammon as "without question, one of the best SEOs in the world".  Ammon brings his insight and expertise on many HOAs and is a regular member of the popular weekly ISOOSI Research Engine HOA.

Phil Aston (Genius Loci) is a digital marketer specialising in the tourism and retail sector and has been instrumental in starting several Google+ Hangouts on Air including the very popular "Hands Across the Ocean" edition of his Genius Loci Business & Media Show and two that specifically reach out from Google+ and bring together businesses in Cornwall.

We are grateful to have Ammon and Phil join us for this HOA, but the most important guests are YOU and we would love you to participate in the comment stream by bringing your thoughts and questions. You don't have to wait until the live show. You can start by commenting below now. We will do our best during the show to follow up on and answer as many as possible - so don't be shy!

#TheGreatBritishHangout   #TGBH   #DigitalMarketing   #SocialNetworking   #SocialMedia #britpack  

About "The Great British Hangout"
Digital marketers' +Kath Dawson (Strategy Internet Marketing, Bristol) and +Peter Lunn (Cracking Media, Bournemouth) created The Great British Hangout to encourage UK businesses and beyond to be more effective using the opportunities they have with digital marketing, be that through Google+ or other channels and media. The Great British Hangout isn't primarily a show for digital marketers, but rather for businesses wanting to do digital marketing better.  It's here to help you.

Watch on the Google+ Event page:

Watch on YouTube: I'm On Google+, Help Me Reach Out From Here!

Event Time: 8pm (UK), 2pm (EST), Midday (PDT)

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My write up of the Digital Marketing Day in Brighton last Friday is now available to read ... a great event that made for a sound exchange of information. Nice work, +Paul Yates-Smith! Let's hope there's another one in the not too distant future :-)

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I was very disappointed that +Donna Beckett's social gathering was so far away ... I'm  down in Hove, and I'm going to +Paul Yates-Smith 's Digital Marketing Day (#2014DMD) instead. I know it's a late call, but if you're free and in the south this Friday it's going to be a corker!

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As well as doing lovely things like independently travelling to Sri Lanka, I also write a bit. I've looked into the issue of the dreaded 'all-inclusive' package deals .... what do you think? The end surprised me!

Any good tips for Sri Lanka? I'm going there on Monday for 3 weeks, and the travel itinerary is vague! My key requirements: walk up the big hill, see some whales (not at the same time!)
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