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Jason Mull
You think I'm wrong. I think you're wrong about that.
You think I'm wrong. I think you're wrong about that.

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If you want a picture of A.I. gone wrong, don’t imagine marching humanoid robots with glowing red eyes. Imagine tiny invisible synthetic bacteria made of diamond, with tiny onboard computers, hiding inside your bloodstream and everyone else’s. And then, simultaneously, they release one microgram of botulinum toxin. Everyone just falls over dead.

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Close call!
"You don’t understand, he can hear everything we’re saying! Obama can even hear my thoughts! I have to get it out!"

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A handy summary of all the ways that the Republicans have tried to undermine Obamacare. Remember, whenever they talk about it "failing", they're really talking about their own obstructionist fuckery. 

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This is why we can't have nice things.
Baby Boomers: "F-you, kids. Why? Because F-you? That's why."

"President Trump's EPA administrator said he did not believe carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming."

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. 
"In 2016 I made $717K. I didn’t put in a single hour of labor.

I vacationed in Costa Rica, Yellowstone, Hawaii (4 times!). I ate at fancy restaurants. I drove my Tesla around the streets of one of the toniest towns in the country. I retained a team of people to tend to my lawn, clean my house, and make my breakfast.

I am indebted to this great country’s police, justice system, and prison system for keeping the domestic baddies in check and to our powerful military for keeping the foreign baddies in check. Not to mention the welfare system to keep the poor from becoming hungry and restless.

And how much am I going to pay in taxes for all of these services? $32K! 4%!

Isn’t America great? And Donald Trump says he’s going to make it even greater! I can’t wait to find out what fabulous tax cuts he has in store for rich guys like me!"

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Happy President's Day from +Matthew Inman​

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Donald Trump’s family’s trips have cost taxpayers nearly as much in a month as Barack Obama’s cost in an entire year.

Remember a year ago during the primary when Trump exclaimed I love the poorly educated!? He's loving them even more now as they pick up his tab.

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O'Reilly: he's a killer, though. Putin's a killer.

Trump: There are a lot of killers. We got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?

Imagine, for a fucking minute, if President Obama had said this. The GOP's hypocrisy is boundless. 
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