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Every time I look at this picture of Jason, I feel something in my eyes...

I was doing whatever I can't remember now in a random day in December last year when Evan Sharp came to me, "Jason Wilson wants to work on search. Is it OK with you?". I was instantly fired up and said "Of course!"...

The first day I met Jason to give him an update where we were, among other things, I made sure we agreed on one important thing, "Jason, though we call it search, we are not building a search engine, but a discovery engine!" And he said, "Of course!"...

Later days, Jason and I basically avoided discussing anything related to what Pinterest search should look like. Instead, we did hours and hours of deep dive into two things: (1) the power of the human curated Interest graph (2) why traditional search engines work so well for the areas they are good at, and what fears they have and how they are trying to address them...

One other day, towards the end of our regular conversation, I said "Jason, you designed and I helped kill it. Having spent many years working on nothing but search at Google, I know exactly what types of search engines that can be easily made irrelevant in short time, so I want you to go crazy, not even a moonshot type of thing because that's simply not enough to survive, but come up with a jupiter shot!" Jason said, "Oh, man, I am crazy! I'm already up there (on Jupiter)..."

Four months later, Guided Search was born at Pinterest, invented by Jason Wilson and built by the extended Discovery team. It offers searchers a unique discovery experience full of possibilities based on the unique and the largest human curated index in the world -- the Interest Graph!

We may or may not have changed search, but it doesn't really matter because we, as a company, are definitely up to revolutionize discovery!

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Exploring Pinterest's Guided Search

Is Pinterest revolutionizing Search?

Check out Pinterest's new Guided Search feature, which many believe will completely change how people view search.

What do you think? +Tailwind

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At Google, I helped build a search engine that offers users best answers based on the world's largest machine generated indices.

At Pinterest, I help build an amazing Discovery team and that team builds a discovery engine that is full of possibilities based on the world's largest human curated indices!

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You can now use Google Custom Search API to get image results. Pretty cool.

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My long-time secret favorite Google product, Google Custom Search, (ssh, don't tell +Google+), just got that much cooler today with the addition of customized image search results. Now site owners can trivially add a custom Images tab to their CSE-powered search box with just a click of a button. Read more on the Custom Search blog for how to enable it on your site.

Congrats to the Google Custom Search team on yet another valuable addition to the CSE family.

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All you need to know about sitting correctly at your desk with you PC/Laptop in front of you.
Pass it on.

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Today is Veterans Day and just this week Google launched a job search engine specifically for our military veterans. Check it out:

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