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Greg Doherty
Greg Doherty is a Dietary Supplement Insurance Broker
Greg Doherty is a Dietary Supplement Insurance Broker

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New Article on: Product Liability Insurance For Internet Supplement Sales. Go to

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What happens when your product delivers a lawsuit?

Products liability is the area of the law that governs entities responsible for placing products, e.g., dietary supplements, into the stream of commerce and determines who is liable if the prescribed standard of care is not met. When a “defective” supplement causes injury, the manufacturer of the product, the distributor, the wholesaler and the retailer who sold the supplement may all be liable to the plaintiff.

Read this guest post by Erica Stump to find out:

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AI status can be a valuable tool, but it has certain pitfalls and constraints to consider.

Whats all the fuss about Additional Insured status? 

I've detailed it all here: #nutraceutical #supplements #insurance #insruancebroker #liabilityinsurance

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The new year gives you the chance to take a look at our year ahead. One of the ways you can do this is by reviewing your product liability insurance policy. It's a great opportunity to review your policy to ensure that you're getting what you believe you're paying for. More importantly, however, it's a chance to refresh your memory on what your policy does and doesn't cover. 

You may find that your policy is perfect for the year to come, or you may find a few things you'd like to change.

You can find information that can help you on my blog at or you may simply contact me directly at (818) 449 - 9317

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Most people are aware that certain ingredients, and finished products containing said ingredients, are excluded from coverage by all of the carriers. But while there are similarities in the exclusions from one carrier to the next, there are also distinct differences in what they exclude. In the end, each carrier has its own unique exclusionary wording, which behooves you, the insurance buyer, to examine your exclusion list each year at renewal time, because not only are they different from carrier to carrier, they are constantly changing. And the lists are getting longer, not shorter!

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Find out if your company is properly covered by product liability insurance coverage. Read my tips on how to better understand your coverage options. 

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UNFI Raises Liability Insurance Requirements

 “Some companies will find that their current insurer can’t provide the $5 million limit and will be forced to look for an umbrella policy from a different insurance company”, notes Doherty. “This is almost always not as cost effective that buying it all from a single provider. In these situations it may be prudent to seek a new carrier part-way through your current policy period.”

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I can tell you from my perspective as an independent nutraceutical product liability insurance broker that it has simply gotten ridiculous out there, to the point where trial lawyers are even going after surgical robots for, apparently, surgical malpractice.

The trial lawyers’ ever expanding search for allegedly aggrieved people, to leverage into “classes” for a mass lawsuit, really means that you cannot be surprised to one day find your own nutraceutical company on the receiving end of such a lawsuit.

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Who Insures Goods at a Fulfillment House?

The answer may surprise you.

A dietary supplement company with raw materials or finished goods on the move has a duty to itself to make sure those items are insured. My rule is this: Insure your own property, wherever it may be, because it is very likely that nobody else is insuring it for you.
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